How to achieve that James Bond style effortlessly

There’s no disputing the style of James Bond, a style icon who has survived decades of changes in the fashion world. Whether it’s Sean Connery in a tux, Pierce Brosnan in a two-piece, or Daniel Craig in a turtleneck and dinner jacket combo, Bond simply is style epitomized. The most famous spy in the history of cinema has a reputation for that cool, calm, and elegant look, making him the best-dressed man to ever hit the big screen. The question for those of us who don’t have an army of wardrobe advisors and a Hollywood budget, is just how do you get that James Bond look? It might not be as difficult as you think.

Getting the right suit

It’s a fashion basic that you own at least one very good suit. Having at least one good quality suit is essential for any gentleman’s wardrobe, and donning it often makes you feel like the king of the world. If you’re hoping to get that James Bond style, it’s best to start with the suit because it acts as the foundation for the remainder of the look. Mistakes when choosing the right cut will have knock-on effects that detract from your super-spy style. Preferably, go bespoke, but definitely opt for a classic cut and single breasted. Stick with neutral colors that not only go well with your accessory choices, but also allow your personality to come through as well. Stick to black, gray, and dark blue, and you won’t go far wrong.

Getting the details right

The most important thing to remember when it comes to accessorizing is that the details should never be the dominating element of your outfit. If you opt for a matching set of cufflinks, tie, and pocket square, there’s a risk of overpowering your suit, and although it can work, it may be too much for some. You might like to try and see if you like any of Omega’s luxury watches. “Daniel Crag wears Omega James Bond watches too. In his first outing as 2005’s Casino Royale he opted for the Omega Seamaster Diver 300M Ref. 2220.80 and a Seamaster Planet Ocean Ref. 2900.50.91,” as reported by SpotTheWatch. If that extravagance is too nerve-wracking to contemplate, tone things down and stick to a basic pocket square. These alone can add a very real touch of elegance to a suit, and the understated nature of them is very appealing. The key things to remember about accessories are that not only should they say something about who you are, but also that if you have concerns, it’s always better to remove items rather than adding them. Simplicity can be your route to Bond elegance.

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The right grooming

Clothes matter and accessories matter, but it may all be for nothing if your grooming isn’t up to standard. It can be very easy to take the time to dress well but skip over the haircut and facial hair elements. That’s a terrible mistake if you’re hoping for the 007 style. The key to getting the Bond appearance is a short, classic haircut and some old-fashioned facial grooming. Choose a professional barber like Elegant Barbershop, who’ll complete your secret agent style with some cut-throat razor shaves that will have your skin feeling amazing and your face looking ready to tackle any supervillain hoping to take over the world. You want to be clean shaven, and you need to ensure your hair is kept on top of; there’s nothing more uncouth than making an appearance at a wedding or dinner party with scruffy, unkempt hair.

The James Bond look is more than just sophisticated, it’s also timeless. So even as fashion trends change, if you have the foundation of the iconic 007 style, you’ll never look out of place, no matter where you are.

Photos: David Gandy by Mike Ruiz

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