Xander Zhou Spring/Summer 2019

Xander Zhou Spring/Summer 2019 London

Designer Xander Zhou is expecting a child, the last inspiration of Spring/Summer 2019 is  just for ‘dads’ only.

Male pregnancies for Spring 2019 is what the designer proposed this day at Queen Elizabeth Hall.

Xander Zhou commented on Instagram:

Emil Schult has created the unique visual world of Kraftwerk and co-wrote the lyrics to a number of their best known songs. He engineered the runway music track “I am Digitized” and publisher Transhuman Art Critics produced space seating sounds for the show.

Supernatural, extraterrestrial and extravaganza, Xander incorporated futuristic chastity belts, as well, as sporty suits ready to be used for dads.

People is commenting about it: “is awarding us future of medic… & 6 arms medical freak show it may be going to happen!.”

Model Daniel Olze a German boy from CREW Model Management, is opening the fashion show with a white t-shirt where has a phrase “New World Baby”, blue jeans and a belly bump, this is the future for young guys, expecting a child, now you can purchase your favorite outfit from Xander Zhou, when you expecting your first new born.

You can see more of the Xander Zhou highlights on Instagram: @xanderzhou

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