Passion & Persistence in Oklahoma: Stunner Blayne Spann by Trey Salazar

Passion & Persistence in Oklahoma: Stunner Blayne Spann by Trey Salazar

By Tom Peaks @MrPeaksNValleys

Recently, fresh-faced Blayne Spann came into my orbit and made quite the impression. With a look that might best be described as somewhere between that innocent school boy and a ruggedly handsome cowboy, it’s a simple leap to imagine Blayne could easily conjure up many diverse looks and personas in front of the camera.   

 Indeed, it’s understandable to see why a guy like Blayne might feel a bit boxed in while living in his native Oklahoma. But, fear not! He’s still young.  Everything is possible. The world is his oyster. And the journey is just beginning.

Recently, Blayne posed for Austin, Texas-based photographer Carlos “Trey” Salazar of Treys Photo Studio. Trey specializes in unique, colorful images in portrait and fashion photography as well as male fitness.

Passion & Persistence in Oklahoma: Stunner Blayne Spann by Trey Salazar

He’s been published in the Austin Chronicle and Austin Lifestyle Magazine as well as works with various modeling agencies.    

He commented, “When you work me, always plan on having fun and be prepared to become a friend of mine.”

Trey clearly saw magic in the lens when he shot Blayne.

Get to know Blayne a bit while soaking in the hot new images by Trey Salazar.

Some basics first. What is your age and height/weight? Hair and eye color? What is your hometown? Where do you currently reside? Do you currently have representation?

I’m 6’1, 180 pounds with blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. Born and raised in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I’m staying in Moore currently but would like to travel and move away and yes I’m currently being represented by Stone Model Management.

What inspired you to model? How long have you been modeling?

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What inspired me to model was my passion for health and fitness, and I’ve been told by some people that I should give it a shot, so I said why not and now I’m about 4 months in.

Are you looking to get into fashion modeling or fitness modeling and/or physique competitions?

Truly I’m not too sure. I’m into everything and they all sound reasonable so I would do them all if I could.

Passion & Persistence in Oklahoma: Stunner Blayne Spann by Trey Salazar

So, for people new to the world of Blayne, describe yourself as well as where you’ve been and where you’re heading. You strike me as a very passionate person.

Well, I’m 20 years old and have always had a huge passion for fitness and I got that passion through playing sports my whole life. My dad taught me to always be persistent and get bigger than my problems which has taught me a lot and has also made me think a lot when faced with issues I had to handle.

I’ve been through a lot but have also learned vital lessons from having to do so, so I’m thankful for that. I’m a very passionate person when it comes to things I like. I have traveled a few times to Florida, the Bahamas, and California all for construction work but currently working at a CBD store.

What goals do you have with modeling? Would you like to work in NYC or LA or is the plan to remain in Oklahoma?

I just want to see where it takes me. Being a big name would be really cool and awesome but I can’t predict the future.

I’m not betting everything I have that I will be successful in this industry, but I’m giving it all I have right now.

“I want to get out of Oklahoma and explore the world for what it has to offer for sure though, no matter what my occupation is in the future.”

Passion & Persistence in Oklahoma: Stunner Blayne Spann by Trey Salazar

Tell us what it was like working with Carlos Salazar of Treys Photo Studio.

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Working with Carlos was great. He’s very welcoming. He is an extremely nice dude and I plan to work with him quite a bit more in the future. He’s led me to some great opportunities and is very helpful when I have questions.

Apparently, you got some grief from people for showing too much skin on your Instagram (I can’t fathom that lol). And after trying to appease them, you said screw it and decided to do what you wanted with your postings.   Tell us about that. Was this a case of local Oklahomans discomfort with you modeling and being proud of your body?

Honestly, I’m not too sure. I got a bunch of talk from friends and quite a few decided not to support me in what I was doing. Which is fine, I can’t expect everyone to support me or be a friend, so I pretty much went ahead and did what I wanted because it is my life.Passion & Persistence in Oklahoma: Stunner Blayne Spann by Trey Salazar

“I just don’t think a lot of people have an open mind when it comes to others following their dreams and potentially leaving them in Oklahoma.”

What are your long-term goals? What are you doing to make them happen?

My long term goals are to travel and be happy with what I’m doing and where I am. I want to be surrounded by people that are courageous and successful in the future.

As of now I’m still not 100% sure what I want my occupation to be 10 years from now but all I know is that I will do anything to make sure I don’t let the people down who believe in me, especially my family.Passion & Persistence in Oklahoma: Stunner Blayne Spann by Trey Salazar

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You’re an Oklahoma Sooner fan being interviewed by a Georgia Bulldawg.   Can we just reminisce about the wild, instant classic Rose Bowl on New Year’s Day? Those were good times.

Haha… that game… man.  It was an adrenaline filled fight to the finish. Great game from both sides but it was for sure a tough loss.

I just remember sitting there for about 10 minutes after I turned the T.V. off and was so butthurt we just lost.

Passion & Persistence in Oklahoma: Stunner Blayne Spann by Trey Salazar

Okay, now the famous PnV Flash Bulb round, fast, short answers to random and sometimes stupid questions. Go!

  • Theme park or national park?  Theme park.
  • Your favorite 2 exercises to do at the gym? Chest and Arms.
  • All-time favorite movie? The Hangover 1, 2 & 3.
  • Favorite cheat food? Definitely a hamburger.
  • 2 Highlights from your modeling thus far? Seeing new things and meeting new people.

Passion & Persistence in Oklahoma: Stunner Blayne Spann by Trey Salazar

  • What do you wear to bed most nights?  Underwear.
  • Tell us one thing most people would never know about Blayne Spann?  I’m dominate right-handed, but dominate left-footed.
  • Fave health drink or supplement? Bang for sure.
  • Fave brand and style of underwear? My favorite brand is Calvin Klein, and my favorite styule is boxer briefs.  
  • 2 things that motivate you every day to give 100%? My future family and being “successful.”
  • If you could do a shoot anywhere you wanted, where would it be? Shooting in Venice would be like a dream.

Passion & Persistence in Oklahoma: Stunner Blayne Spann by Trey Salazar

You can find Blayne Spann on social media at:

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/blaynespann/
Twitter:   https://twitter.com/BlayneSpann

You can find the work of Trey Salazar at: 

Instagram:   https://www.instagram.com/treysphotostudio/
Web:   http://www.treysphotostudio.com/
Twitter:     https://twitter.com/tresalphoto

  1. Bill Wascher

    Blayne should go far. He’s got a great attitude to go with his good looks. It impressed me that at a relatively young age he has learned to not let small minded haters get him down or keep him from growing as a person. I predict he will have success.

    • fashionablymale

      He’s so handsome and well thinker, he could be a great model if he only wants.

  2. Great form, great mindset, great movie choices. Ignore the negative chatter and go places Blayne!

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