15 Plus-Size Male Models Who Are Too Hot to Handle

In case you missed it, Zach Miko became the first plus-size male model to be signed to a major agency on 2016.

Meet 15 Plus-Size Male Models Who Are Too Hot to Handle

Few issues in fashion rile people up as much as diversity. From race to size and shape, the industry is consistently tasked with expanding and defending its narrow view of beauty.

Men have clearly not gotten the same consideration as women in this arena. If they had, we might not have to wonder: Where are all the plus-size male models?

Since we fell in love with him (Zach Miko) and his incredible body positivity, we decided to find other dudes who identify as plus-size and are killin’ it in their fields because, hey, why not? Grab some water, bbs.

Check out some of the top modeling agencies and see a few guys and see what they’re about.

1. Orcin G

Hamburg Germany based Orcin G. he’s a 6′2.5″ plus size model, brown hair, beautiful beard face, and green eyes. He’s signed by Kult Models, and that smile makes us crazy.

15 Plus-Size Male Models Who Are Too Hot to Handle
Orcin G.


2. Kelvin Davis

Kelvin, who runs a stellar style blog called Notoriously Dapper, has always been at the forefront of plus-size male fashion and advocates for body positivity. Not only is his personal style is hella inspiring, but, um, he’s a total babe. YEAH, I SAID IT.


3. Riccardo Onorato

Rome-based plus-size fashion blogger Riccardo has that punk-meets-streetwear style on lock, and guys, I thiiinnkkk he may be cooler than us. Like, all of us. On Earth. Combined.

4. Robert

It’s nearly impossible not to love Robert represented by Kult Models, he’s a blue-eyed, dark blond long-hair-don’t-care masculine inked model. He’s 6’1.

15 Plus-Size Male Models Who Are Too Hot to Handle 15 Plus-Size Male Models Who Are Too Hot to Handle

The nature of modeling work suggests that models are different from the general population.

Compounding the difficulty of working under the conditions of impersonality, objectification, and necessary corporal discipline, plus-size models face additional scrutiny due to the negative cultural view of fat.

5. Brett Morse

Not only are his fashion and body positivity super inspiring, but he’s also an Olympic athlete disk shooter and he’s represented by Bridge Models.

“The aim is 2020 and British record but before then it’s about building the foundations and team to smash the job. More importantly I’m having fun again.”

These plus-size models broke with conventional interpretations of their social identity by flaunting their fat bodies in hopes of changing the cultural discourse.

6. Alex Frankel

He sings Opera, he teaches to kids chess he’s a Lionhaired, Alex Frankel represented by STATE Management New York City.

7. Clauss Fleissner

In case you couldn’t tell by his good-ass posing skills, Claus is a plus-size model from Germany signed to Curve Model Management. He also runs a fashion blog, which I can’t read because I’m not fluent in German, but he looks insanely adorable in all the pics. HERE 4 U, CLAUS.

8. Scott Bayliss

Bristol based male model Scott Bayliss is presented by Next Models Management in London and Curve Models.

Scott was so happy to announced that he’s got signed on Next on July 26. He’s got a beautiful smile, and a beautiful skin.


9. Steven Martin

Steven, aka Everyone’s Freakishly Perfect Bearded Dream Boyfriend, is a plus-size model from Germany signed to East West Model Management. (Here are some more modely picsto peruse at your leisure just, you know, in case. Also, he’s 6’1″. Bye.)

10. AJ

6’4 big & tall male model AJ, comes here today, represented by 6 agencies, not 1 but 6 agencies in London.

He’s also a DJ who likes to play in private parties or music festivals, naming Diskopogo, you can find him on SoundCloud.

11. Cristian Paris

Another big and tall model, 6’4, friend of AJ, model Cristian Paris is represented by Bridge Models, brown hair and mythical brown eyes.

He doesn’t feel ashamed of his hair body, he likes to train on a gym, he likes to go for a Bike Tour and you can find thousands of ads from all important brands in the UK.


The typical routes to enter into plus-size modeling include the former straight-size model, the performer, the outsider, and the self-promoter.

12. Björn

Salt&pepper hair, dark brown eyes, mature looking, he’s serving this daddy-look-a-like type Björn its a 6’5 with a masculine deep voice.

He’s an former actor as well, represented by Kult Models and Bridge Models.

13. Peter Meyer

6’1 hot body dad, Peter Meyer it’s also an ambassador of Protection&Welfare of Animals, author of The Boy from The Wild, a true story of Peter who grew up on a wild Safari in South Africa amongst the wildlife.

He’s with Bridge Models in London.

Using actual customers without previous modeling experience as models in advertising campaigns is an increasingly popular trend in retail.

Besides plus-size retailers, Abercrombie & Fitch and American Apparel regularly use store employees in their advertisements. Casting calls, themselves, can be an opportunity for a sale.

14. Ben Whit

UK’s First Plus Size Male Model, Ben Whit comes in a 6’1 tatts hot bod with brown eyes and hair.

View this post on Instagram

Great shot by the very talented @mariammgomez

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15. Zach Miko

Zach Miko is 6ft 6in, has a 40in waist, and is the first plus-size male model signed to a major agency, IMG, which looks after models including Lara Stone, Freja Beha and Gigi Hadid.

Having modelled for Target, one of the US’s biggest retailers, and soon to be modelling for Yours, one of the UK’s biggest plus-size fashion retailers, the 26-year-old’s signing comes at an interesting time in “plus-size” male modelling.

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