Boys of Jerusalem

Boys of Jerusalem

They Came, They Saw, They Conquered

We are so glad to present the new work of photographer Tomer Tarlan Ben Avi an Israel based portrait photographer: The Boys of Jerusalem.

In the following pictorial session, the Twins are Tal and Shahar Mazar also male models from Tel-Aviv.

The guys are wearing Nargassi, popular clothing brand, from 32 year-old fashion designer Eliran Nargassi.

Boys of JerusalemBoys of JerusalemBoys of JerusalemBoys of JerusalemBoys of JerusalemBoys of JerusalemBoys of JerusalemBoys of Jerusalem

Veni, Vidi, Vici

That’s exactly what we are looking for, original portraits, capturing the beauty of man, guys who don’t be afraid for who they are.

The session give us hopes, minimal aesthetic, beauty in nature, beauty in architectural monuments and buildings.

Nargassi is usually clean, modern and minimalistic, with use of mixed fabrication, graphic style lines and supreme attention to detail.

We promise you, that if you get your Nargassi item, anytime, you could easily get at Etsy, you will have a quality luxury and original garment.

Photographer: Tomer Tarlan Ben Avi @tomerbenavi23 / Tomer Ben Avi Photography
Boys: Tal & Shahar Mazar @shaharmazar
Clothes: Nargassi @nargassi

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