Model Sean Daniels’ Coming Out Story…& More

A PnV/Fashionably Male Exclusive Interview

With Images by Henry Wu

By Tom Peaks @MrPeaksNValleys

Sean Daniels caught our eye from the moment he started modeling nearly 5 years ago. His handsome face, beaming personality and sizzling images could not be ignored.  

After procuring a degree in architecture in San Antonio, the Texan made his way west to California to seriously pursue modeling. With brown hair, hazel eyes, the 6’0” tall hunk signed with DT Model Management in LA.   

In the past, Sean has described himself as “chill” and a “dork.”  He certainly seems to not take life or himself too seriously. And he enjoys drawing and making art. Plus, he’s good natured at laughing off all the compliments he gets about his sexy legs and ass; pictures don’t lie!

Model Sean Daniels’ Coming Out Story…& More

But, earlier this year, in a rather subtle fashion, Sean came out to his fans across the world as gay and in a relationship.  

There was no speech or lecture…no background information provided…he just casually started posting images that depicted him sharing everyday moments with his male companion whom he called his boyfriend. And that was that!

Model Sean Daniels’ Coming Out Story…& More

Until now, when Sean agreed to be interviewed on Fashionably Male about coming out on social media, his family, his career and how he met Taylor Vasek.  In his fun and humorous style, we finally hear from Sean.

In the meantime, to accompany our interview, is a new shoot Sean did this summer with fast-rising photographer Henry Wu.

Wu, originally from Taiwan, pursed a designing career, and graduated from the California College of the Arts with a BFA in Industrial Design. Based in San Francisco, Wu shoots fantastic candid color images.

Model Sean Daniels’ Coming Out Story…& More

Wu explained that he reached out to Sean for a shoot because an underwear company, Atelier Traditonnel, had sent him a lot of new underwear to utilize. His stylist, Luke, helped put together a sweater story at the hotel he was staying in.

“Sean was amazing to work with.  He’s super friendly and very professional.” —Wu said.

Enjoy “In Sean’s Element: The Bed” by Henry Wu.

Model Sean Daniels’ Coming Out Story…& More

It’s been over two years since your last interview at Fashionably Male, Sean. So what has been the most exciting thing to happen to you career-wise in that time?

Wow, I cannot believe it’s already been that long. So much has happened in my life since then but modeling wise, I’ve really been busy working with Hollister which has been great. Money is always exciting right? Haha. Aside from that I did get to shoot with some amazingly talented photographers who each taught me how to be a better model (I need all the help I can get haha). Malcom Bacani (luvgenstudio), BJ Pascual, Karl Simone, Greg Vaughan, Brian Kaminski (to name a few) were all such great shoots and some have led to great friendships! I love shooting for money but also because it’s fun and you can’t get better if you don’t practice.

Model Sean Daniels’ Coming Out Story…& More

In your personal life, very early this year, you decided to publicly reveal that you are gay and in a relationship with Taylor Vasek. What made you feel compelled to come forward? Did you discuss it with your managers first…or just go for it? Do you feel there is still a stigma to being a gay model, as some suggest, or have you found that it no longer matters?   What has been the impact on your career thus far?

OMG, you make me feel so famous! “publicly” – haha. Makes me feel like Lance Bass’s coming out cover for People magazine (I should ask him for a copy lol)! 

So, to answer your question — no, I didn’t discuss it with anyone.  I think what compelled me to come out “publicly” was a combination of things: living here in LA, maturing, and Taylor.

When you’re in a city (Los Angeles) that flourishes on creativity, forward thinking, and diversity, your outlook on life changes. It’s inevitable.  Everyone here is from everywhere else (mostly). So after 3 years my perspective has been shaped and molded by the relationships I chose to surround myself with. And since most of mine and my close gay friends’ families/societies back home are less accepting of homosexuality, we have found acceptance here in LA. We’re all in it together! 

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As for Taylor, after he and I started dating I began to ask myself why I was still hiding him in posts etc. If I post a picture on my Instagram with Taylor, who is my boyfriend, I should be able to caption it “Me and my boyfriend having a gay old time” and not feel nervous about what people think.

Model Sean Daniels’ Coming Out Story…& More

Coming out of the closet 9 years ago was the most freeing thing I’ve ever done so I began to ask myself, “why am I putting myself back in there?” 

As far as the stigma goes, there’s always going to be people against homosexuality. But, I do feel the industry is getting more and more accepting.

Hollister for example, played a big role in boosting my confidence with being open with my sexuality. When I came out to them in a casual conversation, they lit up as if they were excited lol.

Model Sean Daniels’ Coming Out Story…& More

It was really comforting to see that nothing changed their opinion of me. That’s every gay’s biggest fear: abandonment…and Hollister was the furthest from it.

That was a turning point for me in my career actually. Being fully accepted as I am by a client as big as Hollister. ☺  

How long have you been out to family and friends back in Texas? Was there much reaction?

I’ve been out to my family for 8 years and my friends for 9. 

Everyone was shocked. Some friends cried (you know who you are if you’re reading this lol), some had a clue but for the most part they definitely weren’t expecting their car ride to go like that haha. If you have seen Love, Simon you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Model Sean Daniels’ Coming Out Story…& More

My dad was cool with it and loves Taylor, but my mom had a very hard time with it. She sort of came around eventually but is currently still struggling. She is religious, and unfortunately her current perspective on the bible and how it perceives gays is and has been a huge road block for us. But luckily my Dad and my siblings have been very supportive – which means more to me than they will ever know. You just have to be optimistic.

Your boyfriend, Taylor Vasek, recently graduated from Baylor University and moved to LA with you. Tell us what makes him special. How did you meet? I’ve often found male models fall off the radar when they get serious girlfriends/boyfriends because their mate tends to be jealous of the model’s fame and attention. You seem to be more social than ever, I assume Taylor embraces your career?  

Taylor is special because he’s genuine, kind and I never doubt his integrity. Oh and he’s funny! (he’s gonna read this). We knew of each other for a while and then when he became a free agent again I slid into his DMs. After we met we discovered that we actually had several mutual friends back in Texas.

Taylor is very supportive of my modeling, but yes from time to time he does get a little protective haha. To his defense, some of the comments I receive are insane! And by the way, Taylor is going to be a huge star. You heard it first here so look out for him on the big screen!

Model Sean Daniels’ Coming Out Story…& More

Obviously, your gay fans became very excited over your coming out, but how have other fans reacted? How many fans told you that they already knew you were gay lol?

From what I’ve seen in the comments and messages, everyone has been supportive. Girls have been the disappointed ones, haha. 

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Model Sean Daniels’ Coming Out Story…& More

Back to modeling, you’ve been doing this for more than four years.    What inspired you to become a model after getting your degree in Architecture from UTSA? Was it just more fun to be in the picture than to draw up the picture? If you were to return to architecture, what would be your area of expertise?

I just thought modeling would be fun so when the opportunity came I took it. If I were to return to Architecture, I would love repurpose and renovation. I love the challenge. 

Model Sean Daniels’ Coming Out Story…& More

Okay, Sean, here is a broad question for you to narrow down. Tell us about two of your favorite modeling experiences whether it’s who you were shooting with….what you were shooting…where you were shooting…or just an odd shoot….choice is yours. Discuss.

Every shoot I have is special in its own way but when it comes to location my two favorites this year are my shoots with Malcom with Luvgenstudio and BJ Pascual. Malcom’s was in the Imperial Dunes (in SW California) for Period Magazine and BJ’s was in this this cool vintage camper for Garage Magazine. Both made for great photos!

You have worked with many photographers. Who are a couple whom you really connected with and why?

Brian Kaminski is a recent one that I connected so well with. He has a cool vision and we see eye to eye on a lot of things in life.

Malcom Bacani and I connect because we both have love for 7/11 taquitos. Lol. Jokes jokes, we connect because he cracks me up and breaks down barriers so we’re able to get some good shots without being too serious. 

Model Sean Daniels’ Coming Out Story…& More

Today we’re showcasing your shoot this summer with Henry Wu. Tell us about the shoot we’re seeing and what it was like to work with Henry.

You’re seeing me in my element: in bed. I love to sleep and I often struggle with getting up in the morning! More jokes, sorry!  What you are seeing is really comfy clothes in a comfy setting. Atelier Traditionnel is the brand that Luke styled me in and the mood is sort of dreamy. Working with Henry was great too! He is very talented definitely one to watch out for. He is also very down to earth – we got along well quickly. 

If you were talking to a young, green model just entering the business and they were concerned about the #MeToo movement? What advice would you give them?

I would tell him or her to watch out for red flags and always trust their gut feeling. I would tell them to remind themselves that they are in control and no one else.

Model Sean Daniels’ Coming Out Story…& More

You always look like you’re having so much fun in life on your Instagram? Is that authentic or just what millennials like to depict on their social media (we never know what’s real in the land of social media).   

My Instagram is 100% authentic. I mean I can’t say that I don’t have bad days or that I don’t work like everyone else, but I definitely like to share mostly the cool/fun  things I’m doing, just as I would in a picture text to my mom and dad (minus the racy modeling pics haha ). It’s important to me that when I post on my Instagram that I stay as humble as possible. It’s so easy to come off as braggy or narcissistic and that’s the last thing I want.  

You seem to love traveling and the outdoors, Sean. What are some of the most amazing places you have visited? What has been the best location shoot you have ever done? Where is your dream place to shoot?

I do love to travel and I have been fortunate to do some thus far in my life! The coolest place I’ve been lucky enough to visit in recent time is probably Mykonos, Greece back in 2016 and Antelope Canyon, AZ this past month. The best shoot location so far has been the imperial Sand Dunes as I mentioned earlier. Such a sight to see! My dream place to shoot is probably in Egypt! I love ruins. Model Sean Daniels’ Coming Out Story…& More

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You have done many very sexy shoots? How do you prepare for those type shoots, both mentally and physically so that you’re in the zone?

The way I prepare is I have a conversation with photographer about the mood for the shoot. I try to gain as much info as possible verbally and then I go into the shoot with poses and expressions in mind. Physically, I work my ass off in the gym and diet hard the weeks before so I can look my best, because your boy likes to eat! I definitely need time to prepare haha.

What is your favorite kind of shoot to do? What aspects of modeling do you feel like you really excel?  What would be typical of the kind of clothes you wear in everyday life?  

My favorite kind of shoot if I could pick would have to be bohemian/vintage clothes in a similar vibe location. Beachy/bachelor/grainy/warm colors. Yep.

I think I excel in lifestyle. Like, not super moody.   

In everyday life, my style is more or less simple and solid colors for the most part, think summer. I get hot easily so I try to wear as little clothes as possible.

Model Sean Daniels’ Coming Out Story…& More

You have said before that the part of your body that receives the most compliments is your ass! Tell us how you keep it in so perfect form.   

Hahaha oh wow, I really said that? Squats squats squats and lunges.

What’s next for you? Any plans for after modeling?

Not too sure! Right now I’m just riding this wave. I like to live in the moment. I can tell you that if I wasn’t modeling, I may become a real estate agent here in California. I got my RE license in Texas before I moved to LA.  Definitely an option.

Now it’s time for the PnV Flash Bulb Round…quick, short responses to stupid, random questions. Go!

  • Higher maintenance —   you or Taylor?  Ugh, me.
  • Best sense of humor — you or Taylor?  Oh for sure me.
  • Who is the messiest – you or Taylor?  Definitely Taylor (sorry Tay).
  • Favorite city in the world?  Barcelona.
  • Name your most beneficial exercise?  Hanging leg raises.
  • What dead person would you love to have had dinner with? Selena.
  • What do you wear to bed most nights? Boxers.
  • What time of day are you most creative? Morning/afternoon.
  • Favorite brand and style of underwear? Hollister Boxer brief (not just saying that because I get them for free! They’re so soft!!)
  • If you owned an RV, where is the first place you’re driving it to?  Big Sur.
  • Who would you love to see run for president in 2020? Obama.
  • Weirdest fan request you ever had? My dirty underwear  (seriously)
  • Favorite 2 architectural structures in the world? This is a hard one! Karnak in Egypt and Sagrada Famila.
  • PnV Nudity Comfort Scale….rate yourself 1 to 10 with 1 being totally uncomfortable & 10 being totally chill? 5  (yes I know that’s hard to believe).
  • Name two of the most famous people you’ve met?  Katy Perry and Gigi Hadid – she said I had nice hair!
  • Favorite holiday? Why? Christmas DUH. Seeing my nieces and nephews open their gifts.
  • Name one thing most fans would be surprised to know about you?  That I’m half Mexican.

Model Sean Daniels’ Coming Out Story…& More

To reach out to Sean Daniels on social media, go to: 

Instagram:   https://www.instagram.com/danielssean/
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/Seandaniels89

To see more amazing work by Henry Wu, go to: 

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/hello.henry/
Web:   https://www.hellohenry.co/
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/henrykhwu
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/henrykhwu

You can follow stylist Luke at:  

Instagram:   https://www.instagram.com/official_lukatonic/

  1. He’s such a sweetheart—I’ve enjoyed following him for years on IG. Can’t say I ever assume he wasn’t gay though, posting pics with Lance Bass and other gay guys. Looking forward to seeing where he goes next in his career and with Taylor who appears equally as wonderful.

    • fashionablymale

      He’s such , a lovely human being and with Taylor they are a very charming couple.

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