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Photographer Joem Bayawa presents Trevor Michael Opalewski

We are happy that photographer Joem Bayawa presents Trevor Michael Opalewski to all of us.

Personal Trainer, represented by DAS Management Trevor comes in a stunning session by Joem Bayawa in Chicago.

A total motivator for many guys around the world, Trevor shared all his fitness secrets on Instagram his principal tool to be connected with you.

The good thing is that Joem and Trevor did a very good job together, they connected and in the frames we’re about to see, reflects it.

Photographer Joem Bayawa presents Trevor Michael Opalewski

“Don’t worry about anyone else’s voice or opinion. They aren’t paying your bills or helping you make your way so why give anyone not supporting you any of your energy!? Trust yourself and make it happen!”

Feeling motivated by Trevor is so easily, well he makes him easily for us. But  let’s see where Trevor was born and how does this model start his career.

 Photographer Joem Bayawa presents Trevor Michael Opalewski

About Trevor

I grew up in a smaller city of Metro Detroit (Saint Clair Shores) with both parents until about 3/4 years old. I don’t remember my father much, I just know what my mother went through raising me as a child.

She practically gave her life up to make sure I was raised properly. Luckily she had 8 brothers and a sister so there was always family around. By 4th grade I started playing football, thank to my best friend Adam.

Photographer Joem Bayawa presents Trevor Michael Opalewski

Guy brought me into the light of working hard and never giving up. Both these individuals were huge inspirations and driving forces for the work ethic, personality, and character I have today.

“What’s your motivation?? Mine is my upbringing, didn’t have a father figure and wasn’t born into riches.. Was working at 14 and never stopped. All I’ve ever known was hard work through good times and bad times… Won’t say I’m my own motivation but the life I had and struggles made me never want to see some of those days again.. Find your why and make it happen!!”

Photographer Joem Bayawa presents Trevor Michael Opalewski

Trevor and an enrichment Sports Life 

I’ve played sports since 4th grade and continued by adding track and swimming and diving in high school.

Photographer Joem Bayawa presents Trevor Michael Opalewski

Throughout these years I would read magazine after magazine of bodybuilding, nutrition, and exercising trying to learn as much as I could to be able to help others achieve their goals as my friend Adam helped me.

Knew personal training was the right pathway for me so went to school for exercise science and became a certified trainer when I was 21 years old.

Photographer Joem Bayawa presents Trevor Michael Opalewski

While attending Saginaw Valley State University I learned about a guy named Greg Plitt. Known for his motivation/inspiration Greg was the top fitness model in the world and ranked top 100 best looking males. Having seen his videos and reading his blogs I was inspired to get into modeling but didn’t have a clue where to start. Not knowing about the business or who to contact I just focused on working my craft and building the best physique I could do one day I could showcase and inspire others as Greg has.

Photographer Joem Bayawa presents Trevor Michael Opalewski

It wasn’t until 5 years later when social media and Instagram started booming when I found out about other photographers in the surrounding areas and how to go about setting up a photo shoot.

I had one photographer reach out to me and set up a photo shoot after seeing my post on social media and with a few months completed my first photo shoot.

Photographer Joem Bayawa presents Trevor Michael OpalewskiPhotographer Joem Bayawa presents Trevor Michael Opalewski

Needless to say the experience wasn’t what I expected and was kinda turned off on the subject.

I spent the next two years focused on my career and one day this photographer who I was following (Joem Bayawa) reached out to me.

At first I was like hell no lol, after what I went through the first time I didn’t want it happening again. At first I declined but still kept in mind.

Photographer Joem Bayawa presents Trevor Michael Opalewski

“The skin you’re in is the only one you’ll have, before you can love others you must first truly love yourself.”

Joem and Trevor co-workers

Wasn’t until December 2017 when Joem reached out again and we started talking few hours here, few hours there, and upon doing so I knew it was going to be a different experience.

Photographer Joem Bayawa presents Trevor Michael Opalewski

At this time I was going through hell, financially, physically, mentally, and socially just at my lowest. Joem kept saying just do it and come out to Chicago.

I think at the time I might’ve had a couple hundred to my name if that- I said the heck with it and went. I ended up taking a bus out to Chicago and I’ll say it was worth every cent.

Photographer Joem Bayawa presents Trevor Michael Opalewski

Joem and myself started off a little shaky with me not having any experience since two-three years ago. After the rust was off we created many great shots.

“Joem is the photographer you want in your corner, not only a great photographer but also a wonderful friend.”

Haven’t met such a selfless character, he might care too much but it’s this attitude he brings in his passion.

No detail is missed with Joem, his direction and attention to detail are unmatched. Joem rekindled my fire to pursue modeling/fitness modeling again.

After our shoot Joem expressed the possibility of getting connected with a agency. After speaking to the right people (Steve Wimbley) I was able to land a contract with DAS Model Management in Miami.

Joem would be my first recommendation for anyone getting into modeling wanting to build a solid portfolio or even a veteran looking to revamp their craft some.

Trevor and Personal Goals

I continue to personal train at a semi- private facility Jaxfitness in Shelby Twp Michigan. Training is truly my passion and will continue until unable to.

My pursuits to becoming a known model/fitness model continue as well as playing football for a developmental league for the CFL and NFL rivals pro football league.

Photographer Joem Bayawa presents Trevor Michael Opalewski

“Have to take a look in the mirror sometimes and ask yourself.. Are you sacrificing everything you can to make your dreams come true??”

My other endeavor is pursing my dream of reaching the Olympic trials in the 400m hurdles and representing my country in 2020.

Photographer Joem Bayawa presents Trevor Michael Opalewski

Wonderful post thanks so much to Joem to present Trevor, a humble, lovely, kind, and beautiful fitness motivator where we can put our trust blindly.

The work of Joem Bayawa can be seen on Social Media:

http://joembayawaphotography.tumblr.com/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/hulagwaybyjoem/albums
Instagram: @joembayawaphotography
Twitter: @joembayawaphoto

And don’t forget to follow Trevor Michael Opaleski on Instagram:

Instagram: @trevor.michael.opalewski

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