Pre-Order Here Dsquared2 Spring/Summer 2019

Pre-Order Here Dsquared2 Spring/Summer 2019

No Christmas gifts idea? Well take a look over the new Dsquared2 Spring/Summer 2019 and pre-order here.

Yes, we’re talking about Christmas gifts, you might say, is almost two months for Christmas left, but time goes by so fast.

On the first block of pictures, designers Dean and Dan, shares this metallic jeans with your “Dean Vicious” printed t-shirt. Skater jeans and leather jacket prices are from $2,970 for the leather jacket and $450 for a printed t-shirt.

You want those platinum skater jeans, get it for $630. You can match it up with Dean Vicious T-shirt for $535 and add that fabulous platinum jacket for $2,860. There’s a reason to look fabulous, but the price do not matter right now.

Can you imaging walking in a room full of people, and you’re wearing a “Vicious” platinum sweatshirt and your jeans, shades and boots? All people will look at you and will say: “Jesus Christ he looks so good!” And for only $675.

From all the gifts in the world, the best is coming at you.

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Check this block and we have a fantastic Lamb Leather Vest for only $2,240 and you can get your Cotton Leopard Tank Top for only $340 and believe me this kind of gifts you deserve it.

Don’t get me wrong, but I insists, this is f**ing good. A military shirt, with a wool caddy cigarette pants, just get it.

Here’s in this block, you can see that fabulous Leatherett skater jeans, for only $730 plus you add, Rules T-shirt for $295 and ta-dah you get a nice nice outfit.

This is waiting for you, just check it out that Mohair Pullover, but I want that Parka with Dsquared2 logo on a side arm, just wowed me.

The big Trent Coat is everything, get it for $2,485.

Trendy Wool Suits range from $1,640 to $1,945 I know it might be pricey but it really worth it.

If you are a very fancy exec having the work of your dreams, don’t over-think and get that Briefcase for only $1,860.

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Have you ever thought about your New Year’s Eve outfit? Well you might consider this possibilities.

Purchased that Icon T-Shirt over on Dsquared2.com and you will look great!

Easy for pre-order the new collection by Dsquared2, you can get it right now.

Pre-order now and we will send the item as soon as it becomes available. Your creditcard will be charged when the item ships. The estimated shipping date is: ‎12/15/2018‎.

For further information visit the ‎‎Customer Care area‎‎.

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