“Muñeco” Exclusive Work by Indestructible Factory

“Muñeco” Exclusive Work by Indestructible Factory

Spanish Photographer duo Indestructible Factory did a marvelous work with artist/model Ian Jacob becoming Muñeco.

On of the most ambitious work from Spanish duo and Ian Jacob traveling to Valencia, Spain to make this stunning work in exclusive.

Ian traveled 6 weeks ago for Europe. On Spain he also visited Barcelona and Madrid.


Originally based in Washington D.C. Ian Jacob is a model and artist “from a young age visuals were vital to me, from picking my outfit out for school, to putting together a portfolio to send to some of the top art schools in the country, to expressing myself through the use of my own image.”

The Spanish duo said, “it was a great experience working with Ian, he is charming boy.”

Indeed, he looks great on this work. The artsy color how the flowers gives so much power on the frames.

Ian as an Artist

Illustrator, graphic designer. After leaving a social media marketing start up Ian decided to turn his focus toward balancing traditional art and modern design.

Ian is submerging in the LGBTQ movement in Washington where all inspiration for drawings can be seen on his designing projects.

You can visit to his website and see all drawings, but specially check over RetroSexy pinups, an exploration of male sexuality throughout the ages, the queer nature of male exhibition, the male physique, and definitions of masculinity.

Ian as a Model

Ian also has been working as a model another way to express his emotions and feelings throughout a camera lens.

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Published on Blue Mag Berlin, also he did a wonderful job on Summer Diary Project, also with REVGAY and working with photographer with Warren Piece, Mariana Flowers among others.

Indestructible Factory creates Art

The union between creative couple Víctor and J.J. has been working together for almost 6 years.

Víctor works behind the lens and J.J. working on Art direction, stylist, inspirations, but they are native creative thinkers.

“The Mexican masks are for Lucha Libre, we really wanted to work with the masks” The duo affirmed to us.

They continued saying “we wanted to do things with Mexican topics but in our own way, that’s why we have chosen masks, flowers, etc.”

But they like to play with masculine and feminine energy.

The juxtaposition they did with Muñeco using the masks and flowers gives to the viewer confusion.

That’s the intention. Using as reference the work of French artists Pierre et Gilles with the colorful flower frames. And also the inspiring work of David LaChapelle.

Gay men are expected to walk in a narrow space of expectation, where attraction and desirability are based in between strict lines of masculinity.

Us gay men already struggle with social acceptance, so we put idealized images of masculinity on a pedestal.

These images are a place to clim towards, or something to strive for.

And whenever you step up on a pedestal, you’ll always be looking down at something else. In this case, it’s those traits that are described as feminine.

This topic is complex. It’s deeply ingrained too. But if we recognize the harm of this extreme separation that we create, we can also build pathways to connection, friendship and acceptance.

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The sketches made by the Spanish duo have been revealed here, where we can appreciate how original and passionate they are with their work.


Model: Ian Jacob @iamianjacob
Photography: Víctor Guillén @indfactory / @victorgguillen
Stylist: J.J. Ortiz @jjortizdesign

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