Heavenly Vermont Sunshine – Tyler Ellis by Gabe Ayala

PnV Exclusive Photo & Interview Presentation

By Tom Peaks @MrPeaksNValleys

When you have a weakness for blondes and then you stumble upon model Tyler Ellis on Instagram, you have to stop by and say ‘hello!” So, then you have to ask him to do an interview, right? Tall, sexy Tyler was plenty friendly and the next thing you know, not only are we doing a Q&A, but we had lined up photographers to shoot him, including this one from talented LA-based Gabe Ayala.

Heavenly Vermont Sunshine – Tyler Ellis by Gabe Ayala

Tyler is from a tiny town in Vermont, population 5,000. A year ago, he moved to Los Angeles to continue modeling and pursue his dreams in the entertainment industry. He jokes that being in the spotlight keeps him from binge-eating candy.

One thing you quickly notice about Tyler is his great sense of humor, evident with his catchy photo captions on social media. You’re never sure when to take Tyler seriously.

Heavenly Vermont Sunshine – Tyler Ellis by Gabe Ayala

Photographers love shooting Tyler. Talented, low-maintenance, and a lot of fun seems to be the consistent comments from people who shoot him.  

Tyler and Gabe hit it off for this shoot, which Tyler says he absolutely loves.   So, let’s get to know Tyler while viewing his splendid, sexy fashion shoot with Gabe.

Heavenly Vermont Sunshine – Tyler Ellis by Gabe Ayala

First, just some basics. How old are you? Height & weight? Hair & eye color? Who represents you? What is your hometown and where do you currently reside?

I just turned 24. I’m 6’4 and 180 lbs. I’m a blondie and have blue eyes. I am currently a free agent with no agency but have an absolute badass manager.  I am from a secret town deep in the green mountains of Vermont. I currently live in Venice, CA.

Heavenly Vermont Sunshine – Tyler Ellis by Gabe Ayala

What prompted a small-town boy from Vermont to start modeling? Tell us how you broke into the industry. What was your first modeling assignment?

You can’t have a 6’6 father and a gorgeous blonde mother and not turn out to be a model, imagine how disappointed they’d be. I got a stupidly expensive haircut in Vermont one day and the man tailoring my headsuit was previously a hairstylist in NYC doing models hair for big magazines, he set me on the right path and my charm did the rest.

The first thing I remember doing was shooting for an editorial called Institute mag.

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Heavenly Vermont Sunshine – Tyler Ellis by Gabe Ayala

What was your early modeling days like in NYC? Tell us all about one or two of your most memorable gigs there.

My days in NYC were spent mostly in the car since I didn’t live there and I was commuting 5 hours just for castings and test shoots. I remember coming straight from a 2 hours long shoot to meet with Rick Day and we only shot for maybe 20 minutes and I ended up with the best photos I ever took while in the city.

Heavenly Vermont Sunshine – Tyler Ellis by Gabe Ayala  So, what factored into you moving to Los Angeles a year ago?

A couple of things but first and foremost, I really hate snow. Vermont is a beautiful place but I can rarely be shirtless in a place that’s always 20 degrees and believe me I tried. I also have a little brother who lives out here and we are very close. I lived with him for the first year I was in LA. 

Heavenly Vermont Sunshine – Tyler Ellis by Gabe Ayala

What is it that you love about acting? Have you been formally trained?  What genre of TV/film do you most see yourself being a fit?

I love it because it lets me have a release for my emotions and I get to be people that I could never be or wouldn’t want to be for more than a couple of hours.

I was accidentally placed into an acting class when I started college, I was supposed to be in all-athletic training classes but I guess they saw my blonde hair and assumed I’d be better suited for acting where I wouldn’t have to strain myself thinking to hard.

Heavenly Vermont Sunshine – Tyler Ellis by Gabe Ayala

“I have always been a big fan of sci-fi thrillers/ horror movies and I love a great villain, that’s the part that I’d want.” 

Heavenly Vermont Sunshine – Tyler Ellis by Gabe Ayala

Tyler, tell us about your ambitions regarding the pursuit of writing and filmmaking.

I’ve always been best at writing and imagining different realities/worlds.

Back when I was a kid and I was home alone I used to choreograph my own huge fight scenes throughout my house. They’d last for hours and use all different types of props and if I didn’t think I hit a fake bad guy the right way, I would re-do the whole thing. Now when I fake fight bad guys around L.A. people look at me weird or call the cops…

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Heavenly Vermont Sunshine – Tyler Ellis by Gabe Ayala

Who are some actors and filmmakers whom inspire you? Why?

Jack Nicholson, Tom Hardy & Michael Fassbender because they play crazy people or villains who you can’t help but love. M. Night Shyamalan is a current favorite filmmaker, just watch Unbreakable & Split and you’ll see why.

Heavenly Vermont Sunshine – Tyler Ellis by Gabe Ayala

Describe yourself as a high school teenager. Did you seek attention?

I was a little punk. I used to think I could skateboard and wore a flat brim hat everyday that made my hair curl up. I didn’t really start getting too much attention until I cut my hair and changed my wardrobe around sophomore year, but even then I didn’t really see what the fuss was about. I was really introverted for the last two years of high school and was crazy confident in myself.

Heavenly Vermont Sunshine – Tyler Ellis by Gabe Ayala

“Took me a while before I reached this level of borderline cocky asshole persona” 😉

Heavenly Vermont Sunshine – Tyler Ellis by Gabe Ayala

How do you feel about sexy shoots and showing skin? Does it make you nervous or does it feel natural and liberating?

The very first shoots I did (not including senior pictures) I was posing pretty much nude. It was a little weird at first but I always knew my limits and I have a clear line that I won’t cross. As long as I stay congruent with my standards and morals, then I am pretty much game for whatever it is I am shooting. In the end, it’s just a body and I think everyone should be proud of theirs and shouldn’t feel ashamed to show it off.

Heavenly Vermont Sunshine – Tyler Ellis by Gabe Ayala

I love all your shirtless pictures on Instagram, Tyler. What do you say when haters call you ‘pretty boy’, etc? And where do you come up with those clever photo captions?

I appreciate the compliment. I run my captions by my marketing team… AKA my brother and my GF.

How do you feel about social media, and its impact in your industry?   

Up until a month ago, I really didn’t like using social media at all. It wasn’t until I got to L.A. that I realized how important it really is in this business and just in general. It’s like having a resume that anyone can look at and you can get immediate feed back upon. Once I started using it, opportunities immediately started to appear; in fact, it’s the reason I am so lucky to be having this interview with you right now.  

Heavenly Vermont Sunshine – Tyler Ellis by Gabe Ayala

Yes, that is a true fact! lol

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So, today we’re viewing this new shoot from Gabe Ayala shot exclusively for PnV/Fashionably Male. Tell us all about the shoot, and what it was like to collaborate with Gabe.

I honestly loved it. Gabe made it really easy to work and get great shots. He just let me do what I do which is flex real hard and make pouty faces and he worked his magic behind the camera and made it all come to life. He’s also just a fun guy to kick it with and he’s very generous. In fact, he ended up giving me and a few friends’ tickets to a show that same night just because he could. 

Now, our Flash Bulb Round. Quick, short responses to mostly stupid questions. Go!

  • Favorite sin food? Anything cake related and candy.
  • East coast or West Coast? Why? East Coast but only 4 months out of the year. Left coast for the rest of it.
  • Favorite all-time movies from the following genres:  a) drama: One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest  b) comedy: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back c) action: Atomic Blonde/The Bourne movies  d) sci-fi/fantasy: Oblivion/Harry Potter/ LOTR.

  • Favorite brand of underwear?  Calvin Klein. 
  • Who would be your dream candidate for President in 2020? I would legit vote for The Rock.
  • What 2 things about your physical appearance receive the most compliments? Hair & Smile.
  • If I visited Vermont (and I have lol), what are 2 must-see attractions? Mt. Mansfield (Hellbrook Trail) or Church Street in Burlington.
  • What are 2 exercises that you find most beneficial? Walking a few miles a day and Hip thrusts obviously.
  • Cheddar cheese, maple syrup or Ben & Jerry’s ice cream!  All Vermont staples, but you can only pick one. Cheddar Cheese.
  • What do you wear to bed most nights? Boxer Briefs.
  • What are 2 things fans would be shocked to learn about you? Both my parents were adopted & I can belly dance.

Follow Tyler Ellis on social media:

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/tyjohnsonellis/
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/TyJohnsonEllis

To check out the work of Gabe Ayala:

Website:  http://www.gabeayalaphoto.com/
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/THEGabeAyala

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