PnV’s Top 18 Breathtaking Moments of 2018

By Tom Peaks@MrPeaksNValleys

While America spent 2018 dealing with the blistering pain and embarrassment of an authoritarian, cult-like figure who turned every single day’s headlines into an episode of “The Jerry Springer Show,” the PnV team tried to give you some relief and distraction with a stunning array of hot male models.   

We are wrapping up our 3rd year of affiliation with Fashionably Male, who themselves happen to be celebrating their 8th anniversary.   

PnV originated on twitter in 2013 as a place to celebrate male models and the photographers who work hard every day to bring you such amazing images. As the founder of PnV, my goal was to not become yet another vast wasteland of male model photos without acknowledgement of the individuals in front of and behind the camera. Rather, I wanted to give some texture to the images…to celebrate these male beauties and flesh out their personalities when possible. 

By collaborating with Fashionably Male in 2016, it expanded our platform to do bigger photo features as well as model interviews/profiles where you could get to know your favorite models more in depth.

PnV is a team of volunteers. We make no salary, yet network daily with models, photographers, and agencies to bring you fresh content. Many of our presentations are exclusive, and some of the photo shoots are actually initiated by us with friends we have made in the industry. We definitely want to say THANK YOU to all the people who trust us with their work.

So, let’s reminisce about 2018 and 18 moments that readers found to help inspire them!

18. Proeh Twins

Chicago’s banging hot Proeh Twins was not only a Valentine’s Day PnV special, but that day also happened to be the twins’ 23rd birthday.    Miami photographer David Vance brilliantly captured the duo—double hotness on a double special day.

17. Zachary Dare

Published on Feb. 26, Michigan native Zachary Dare was featured in “Nature Trail.”   Readers absolutely love the work of LA-based photographer Lester Villarama, who seems to always hit the jackpot when he shoots in the hills of southern California.  

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16.  Nic Palladino

When PnV’s Chris Chase ( @ChrisChasePnV ) landed these Nic Palladino images, we were stoked.   We often have speculated if there was a PnV Mount Rushmore, Nic would likely appear on it. A model and fitness guru/counselor, fan-favorite Nic was captured by Lester Villarama.  Published on March 1.

15.  Austin Scoggin

Another likely PnV Mount Rushmore candidate is longtime favorite, Austin Scoggin. While you hopefully have seen our new Christmas shoot with Austin on Dec 20, we also featured Austin on March 26 with “LA Test Shoot” by Adam Washington. Adam is a rising LA photographer who had this fun, sexy studio shoot with Oregon-native Austin. 

14.  Charlie Matthews

Photographer Lester Villarama said this about superstar Charlie Matthews.  “For a model of his stature, he is really down-to-earth and humble. He’s so deserving of all the success he’s been getting.” Indeed, Charlie is dedicated, hard-working and driven. And believe it or not, these dazzling images were outtakes from another publication. “Making America Classy & Sexy Again” was published on April 4.

13.  Don Hood

Someone once said, when the world ends, the only survivors will be Cher and cockroaches! I might add Don Hood to that short list. He’s been modeling almost 2 decades and still going strong. We featured him several times in 2018, but the chemistry and rapport of Don and NYC photographer Paul Reitz was undeniable. “Unleashed & Uninhibited” published on April 12.

11.  Kota Wolfe

Catching Up With Dakota Wolfe - PnV Exclusive Interview

The boy with the dazzling, infectious smile, Kota Wolfe, made the transition from Georgia to California this summer. Photographer Adam Washington and Kota created some photographic magic during a visit to the Santa Monica Pier. In his first feature for Fashionably Male, PnV’s Steve Leonard (@stevetleonard) had a nice conversation with Kota. Published on August 9.


10.  Blayne Spann

Passion & Persistence in Oklahoma: Stunner Blayne Spann by Trey Salazar

On August 11, stunner Blayne Spann of Oklahoma chatted us up as many readers saw images of sexy Blayne for the very first time in “Passion & Persistence.” The poolside shoot was by Austin, Texas-based Carlos “Trey” Salazar. Blayne has movie star good looks and a body that is rock solid. Be sure to also catch our Dec 19 pictorial of Blayne in NYC by Stefan Mreczko.

9.  Sean Daniels

Model Sean Daniels’ Coming Out Story…& More

A candid interview with Texas model Sean Daniels…one of my favorite articles in 2018. Sweet, funny and honest, Sean gives us a real flavor of who he is…and his journey… without taking himself too seriously. San Francisco-based photographer Henry Wu captures some heat with Sean in this editorial. “Coming Out…” was published on Aug. 27.  

8.  Jordie Caskey

‘Golden Boy’ Jordie Caskey: By Gabe Ayala PnV Exclusive

“Golden Boy” was also the “Birthday Boy” as this feature on the Louisiana babe was released on his birthday, Sept 8. Jordie Caskey is a longtime PnV favorite, and he was captured in LA by Gabe Ayala in a tropical shoot that made readers sweat for more. Also, be sure to read our interview with Jordie that was published on Aug 8.  

7.  Tyler Ellis

“Censored: Tyler Ellis At Play” Photo Presentation by Phil Limprasertwong

Playful and sensuous, this Phil Limprasertwong shoot with Vermont native Tyler Ellis is spectacularly vivid with colors and lighting that jump off the page. “Censored:  Tyler Ellis At Play” was published on Dec 1 right on the heels of our interview with the tall, blonde hunk on Nov 21, so be sure to catch this clever boy in both features.  

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6.  Tucker Des Lauriers

“Living on Tucker Time” – Model/actor Tucker Des Lauriers With Images by Nick Andrews

“Living on Tucker Time” is a candid chat with high-energy 25-year-old Tucker Des Lauriers. Tucker tackles a wide range of topics and is candid in the way that you might expect from a seasoned Massachusetts modeling pro. One of my longtime favorites, Tucker was captured by British photographer Nick Andrews in this Dec 7 interview and photo feature.

And now the 5 most clicked PnV features in 2018:

5.  Nick Parker

With Ford Models, Arizona’s Nick Parker is certainly a crowd pleaser. His green eyes and muscles pull you in and leave an indelible impression. The total package! Nick was captured by photographer Tyson Vick in this Chris Chase feature back on April 26.

4.  Chad Reeh

The ambassador of Canadian friendliness, Chad Reeh is as smart as he is nice. He’s now degreed in nursing and absolutely loves helping patients attain a speedy recovery. I’m sure his handsome mug, hot body and that fantastic head of hair are good medicine for them as well. On Jan. 6, “Canadian Connection” debuted by Chris Chase; the sizzling photos were by Hannes van der Merwe who also resides North of the Border.

3. Justin Leonard

One thing I’ve learned through the years about Michigan-native and Chicago-resident Justin Leonard is that he seems to always evade the cold Midwestern winters. In the winter of 2018, he found warmth in LA; and consequently, we found heat in his photo shoot there with Lester Villarama.  “California Fever” published on April 19.

2.  Nick Sandell

Nick & the City With Nick Sandell by Michael Hallenbeck PnV Exclusive

In “Nick & the City,” fans got an in-depth interview with popular modeling sensation Nick Sandell who many have long admired in print images and on TV. “Nick & the City” was photographed in a most public way. Nick, often wearing underwear, posed on the streets of the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood in Manhattan with the talented and friendly photographer Michael Hallenbeck.  

1.  Ripp Baker

“Thawing the Minnesota Ice” with Ripp Baker appeared on Jan 20 and was easily the most viewed PnV feature in 2018. A fantastic interview with Ripp accompanied by images from legendary Rick Day was definitely a good winter read by the fireplace. Ripp is no stranger to PnV over the years.  He’s earnest, humble, gracious, hard-working, playful and any other small-town mid-western qualities that you can utter. Also, be sure to catch our March 5 photo feature of Ripp, shot on a ranch in Arizona by Rob Kristian.

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