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Acing Your Outfit at Your Next Night On the Town

It’s easy to imagine that ‘mature’ top male models such as Wang Deshun (80), Philippe Dumas (60) or Anthony Varrecchia (53) are counting their lucky stars on the world’s most important catwalks, considering the fact just one or two decades ago, male fashion was considerably more limited and structured.

These days, millennials have spearheaded a creative wave, tweaking (but not completely eliminating) dress codes and embracing traditionally ‘feminine’ materials, cuts, and prints, to live the beauty of fashion to the full. If a cocktail event, night at the casino, or gala event is soon coming up, make sure you turn heads with these fashion tips.

Professionally Chic at a Business Cocktail

As noted by Reuters, business cocktails are as popular as ever, with companies choosing to present everything from new collections to luxury showrooms and villas, and expanded offices at this type of event. A business cocktail involves more than just taking in information; it is a golden opportunity to network and do business and that means your look needs to exude professionalism without foregoing your personal sense of style.

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There is a big difference between a cocktail event and a formal gala. While you won’t necessarily be expected to wear a suit, you should wear a tailored outfit – i.e. dress pants and a well cut blazer (the latter can be in a contrasting color to your pants). Think slim-fit trousers in beige or patterned light grey with a maroon or lively blue blazer. Pair this look with brogues, leave the tie at home, and pop a designer handkerchief into your blazer pocket.


Raking it In at the Casino

Think Casino and your mind could immediately conjure up images of Daniel Craig as James Bond. Thankfully for men without a tux in their wardrobe, outfits this formal are rarely seen at these days, with smart casual being the norm at casinos.

Outfit by Dsquared2

Even dark jeans are allowed, provided they are elegant and free of tears and patches. To ace this look, think of what you would wear to an informal meeting with clients. Add a touch of bling to your outfit with a designer belt, a good watch and a pair of patent leather shoes, nicely polished for the occasion.

Turning Heads at a Gala Event

Most men are invited to at least a handful of gala events; these can include fundraising galas, business events, and the like.

Black tie means what it says, but these days you can just as well forego the boring all-black ‘monkey suit’ and opt for a slim fitting tux in the color you fancy – yes, even red!

Take your inspiration from celebrities like Harry Styles, Ryan Reynolds, and Timothee Chalamet, who are achieving iconic fashion status by wearing prints, embroidery, and ruffled shirts to gala events, embracing the work of leading designers like Tom Ford and Alexander McQueen, who are filling their evening suits with eye-catching blooms and other pretty prints.

Black Tie Event
Black Tie Event

It’s a pretty exciting time for male fashionistas these days, with a host of colors and prints to choose from.

Dress codes are still to be followed, of course, but artistry is not only permitted; it is embraced and encouraged by top fashion designers and celebrities alike. When heading out into the night, nothing makes you feel more confident than wearing something that is ‘you’ from head to toe.

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