Joem Bayawa presents gorgeous Texan model: Shawn O’Neill – Exclusive

Shawn O’Neill is a relatively new face in the world of fitness and fashion modeling. 

Encouraged to “give modeling a try” by his good friend, Nate, Shawn began building his portfolio by shooting with local photographer, Josh McLaughlin. 

It wasn’t long before Shawn caught the eye of an L.A. based “amateur talent scout” who sent him to Chicago to shoot with the exceptionally talented photographer, Joem Bayawa. 

Within a few days of being posted on Joem’s IG page, Shawn’s first two photos have already garnered a combined total of nearly 21,000 likes.

While in High School, Shawn was involved in both football and wrestling.  However, his true passion is MMA (Mixed Martial Arts).  “I started my MMA journey in Alabama about 2 years ago, focusing on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and training under Rick Anderson.  However, after about a year of training, I decided I wanted to do it all. So I started working on my stand up game.”  

Shawn has attained his 4 stripe white belt in Jiu-Jitsu and expects to be promoted to blue belt later this month.  Before moving to Texas, he competed in three amateur tournaments, claiming medals in all three.

Having taken a short hiatus from training after his move to Texas, Shawn is back in the gym training with the likes of Jiu-Jitsu coach Sean Cooper, a 5th degree black belt, and striking coach Deuce King, a retired professional fighter.  

His first amateur cage fight is tentatively scheduled for the beginning of 2019. Let’s all hope that his coaches have taught him how to protect his face!

Family is the most important thing in Shawn’s life.  He knows he has the full love and support of this mom and step dad; sisters; nieces and nephews as he pursues his modeling career. 

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Shawn acknowledges his girlfriend, Emma, was and continues to be his rock and most ardent supporter of his decision to move to Texas.  Shawn and Emma share their home with their “fur babies” Louie (dog) and Loki (cat). 

Unlike many of his generation, Shawn has very strong work ethic… something he attributes to having worked for his step dad from an early age.  He realizes that one has to work hard to succeed at anything. 

“When I go to bed each night, it’s important for me to know that everything I’ve done and am doing is in the best interest of my career. I believe that whole heartedly. I also believe in perseverance. Nothing good happens overnight and, let’s face it, the world owes us nothing, right?”

Born and raised in Alabama, this gorgeous 23 year old, 6’1” stud now calls Texas his home. 

Shawn is looking so gorgeous in different outfits guided and styled by Joem Bayawa, like always, Joem took a portrait into a next level.

If we can see, the gorgeous fit body, Shawn is looking flawless in a speedo.

Don’t forget to Follow Shawn O’Neill on Instagram:  @smo_life.

And you will find a super cute and gorgeous model, with a great personality, always trying to give the best of himself. Sharing his thoughts about life, healthy style and his carreer as a model.

“Sometimes we have to stop and think, about where we are, what we’re doing, and if it’s the best option. It’s not bad if you’re not happy with the outcome. As long as you strive to make it better.”

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As usual, Joem is going to spend Christmas with his family, thank you so much for all your collaboration during this year. We’re going to wait with open doors for more of your stunning work.

If you want to see his latest work, you can click here below:

Model Shawn O’Neill @smo_life

Photographer Joem Bayawa @joembayawaphotography
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