Fashionably Male presents Tomás by Adrián C. Martin

Ending a marvelous and glorious 2018, photographer Adrián C. Martín and new face Tomás Márquez is wearing Walking Jack for the first time.

Not a boy but not yet a man

Tomás is the right candidate to wear the new and fresh line from Walking Jack, and you can do it, just like him, in outdoors, just free yourself, and enjoy it.

For the next minutes, you will found Tomás a Spanish 23 year-old guy, modeling a couple of times, and he has been doing shots for PUMP! and campaigns for BWET.

The problem of Tomás is…

Nothing he’s perfect for the new pair of pieces from Walking Jack.

Walking Jack offers underwear that lasts and can be worn every day and at any time.

They have tested and chosen high quality fabrics, threads and waistbands to make undergarments that retain their shape and are strong enough to withstand an active man’s lifestyle.

The comfort our styles offer is combined with a new take on classic underwear design. We think this is the best underwear for men in the market today!

The Greece based underwear brand can easily ship to your place in any part of the world.

Blue with white

These blue trunks are made from an excellent quality cotton, with elastane added, to give you the right amount of stretch.

The waistband is white, super soft with a luxurious, almost shiny finish bearing the Walking Jack logo in black letters front and centre. 

Tomás is the official FACE of Walking Jack, you can see all the pieces and including videos, and you ca also purchased this pieces on their website: walkingjack.com

Just like they did for this stunning pictures exclusive for Fashionably Male.

Tomás fits perfect, as we mentioned, he wears perfect the Core Collection comprises the most comfortable underwear you will ever wear! After years of research, we are proud to present the Core Briefs by Walking Jack.

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The waistband is super soft with a luxurious, almost shiny finish bearing the Walking Jack logo in black letters front and centre. The pouch is contoured to offer you room and support exactly where you need it.

These multi-colour briefs are made from an excellent quality, soft polyester based fabric with elastane added, to give you the right amount of stretch and it looks great on Tomás, love this shot.

Naked Hiking

There is strength in numbers. Joining a nude group on an organized outing can help ease the stark shock of other, fully clothed hikers encountering you on the trail.

Oftentimes, these groups will have already obtained permission from local officials to host a naked hike or will send a clothed hiker ahead of the group to warn others enjoying their time on the trail that a naked group is en route.

Don’t forget to use mosquito repellent.

Adrian and Tomás went to hike at Tenerife Forestal Park in Canary Islands. With a total of 41,067.7 hectares it is the largest protected natural area of the Canary Islands, extending from about 300 meters above sea level to 2,718 meters in the Alto de Guajara. The protected area is located on the ridges of Pedro Gil, Abeque and Adeje.

Walking Jack Sea Print Briefs are inspired by the Greek islands featuring a design that will put a smile on your face and warmth in your heart.

Timeless style combined with ultimate comfort in a high quality garment for men, designed and made in Europe.

Tomás is getting used to tiny briefs and speedos, he’s a professional waterpolo in his hometown Spain.

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Photos: Adrian C. Martin (@adriancmartin)
Model: Tomás Márquez (@tomas_perezzm)
Underwear: Walking Jack (@walkingjackofficial)

  1. Wow Tomás Márquez is a pure masculine beauty, and he is unhibitedly sexy!

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