“Under The Caribbean Sun” work by Edoardo Briseño

There’s nothing better that spend Christmas Time “Under the Caribbean Sun”, for all lucky people that can choose heat over cold, you’re on heaven.

Mexico based photographer Edoardo Briseño shares with us in exclusive for Fashionably Male a new stunning work with Argentinean model Juan Pintos.

If you’re suffering this Holidays for cold, well, this is something you can warmed you up a little bit.

I’m not All You See, But You Also Do not See All I Am

Edoardo and Juan met at The Fives Downtown Hotel, located at Playa del Carmen beach to make this shooting.

The Crew: Make Up and Hair by Sophie Lawrence and assistant in photography Gerardo Frausto joined the session with them.

Juan Pinto services stunningly good pictures, the right perfect Caribbean pictures where you want to book the next flight to Playa del Carmen right away.

Shooting across the stylish Hotel

This stylish hotel, surrounded by shops and dining options, is a 3-minute walk from the nearest beach on the Caribbean Sea and 50 km from Cancun International Airport.

There is a refined Italian restaurant, a bar and a relaxed atmosphere Coffee shop. Amenities include a gym and vertical gardens, as well as a rooftop terrace with a lively bar / grill, an infinity pool and cabins.

Edoardo experienced shooting on the beach with guys and girls, too

The photos of men have the ability to tell a story in a much different way than portraits of a woman in that while the story of a woman is in her eyes, the story of a man is written on his face – from the lines,to the scars, to the furrowing of his brow.

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If you follow Edoardo’s work, he has been shooting in the beach so many times, that he knows when is the perfect lighting, what time would be the sunset and how a model can prevent dehydration.

Halong Bay Men Swimwear

If you noticed in the stunning pictures, Juan is wearing a very nice piece from Halong Bay Men Swimwear a Mexican brand.

Halong Bay is synonymous with good taste, clothing and accessories designed to materialize the emotions and feelings of their customers and create unforgettable moments.

You can see the full catalogue from this trendy brand.

Shooting males is a challenge and an adventure and it’s something that, even if you’re not specifically shooting fashion per se, we recommend at least trying it from time to time as it’ll sharpen your skills much more than say, not shooting will. 

Edoardo does it very well. He can easily put you in the right pose and shooting, he shares incredible images with Juan.

The blue sky of Playa del Carmen is the perfect background

You have to experiment a Holiday in a Mexican Beach. It’s like a MUST, yeah I know a snowy Christmas can be good–but cold– just forget it, and pack your bags and let go.

We firmly believe that shooting in natural light is best (your opinion may vary, of course).

But let me tell you this, scroll down and you can see another Caribbean shooting by Edoardo, and tell me you can deny how good are these:

Admittedly, working with male models was not an easy step to take, but we admit how good is about the way Edoardo did with this shoot.

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And thanks to Juan for letting us that spend some time Under a Caribbean Sun on Christmas times is the best thing we could do.

Photographer Edoardo Briseño IG @just_edoardo / @edoardobriseno_fashionphoto
Photo Assistant: Gerardo Frausto @jerrydeli
Model Juan Puntos @juan_pintos_
Make Up & Hair. Sophie Lawrence
Swimsuit Halong Bay Men Swim by Carlos Mora @carlitos_mora / @halongbaymenswim
Location: The Fives Downtown Hotel @thefivesdowntown

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