The NYE After: ‘Apt 4F’ with Christpher Marrs

The festive season is well and truly in full swing. Christmas parties are rife and it’s difficult AF to say no to free flowing booze. But with all of the fun comes the dreaded hangover.

Chicago based model and photographer Christopher Marrs shares with us, in this morning after NYE celebration, in photography by Johnny Vera.

Apt 4f

We’re gonna see Chris, be himself in his room alone, hanging around with no undies.

If you happen to find yourself a little hungover the next morning, know you don’t need to reach for the medicine cabinet or rush to the pharmacy. Drink so much water.

Rest your body and let yourself sleep. This is when your body heals and recovers.

But while some people might assume the best time to post premium Instagram content is on New Year’s Eve, the morning after is actually the prime time to post. The entire world is under the covers, squinting at their phone with one eye — just like you. 

Best 9 on Insta, Chris commented, “2018 has definitely been a year filled with growth and self discovery… and I guess y’all like my ass lmao.”

So take advantage of this special moment with Chris and Johnny in space and time and post all of your festive New Year’s photos then.

This pictures took on Miami apartment.

See more of Chris here:

“My 2019 resolution is to complete the resolution I made in 2018.” – Unknown

You don’t want to get lost in the shuffle of festive holiday posts just because you can’t think of a caption and therefore can’t post your picture. 

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Johnny captured a very sensitive Chris after New Year’s Eve celebration.

Apt 4F reflects also the internal and external beauty from Chris, he’s signed by 10MGMT.

Johnny Vera giving us those captures and calm, chilling and relaxing. We want the best for you in this New Year’s Day.

Model: Christopher Marrs 
Instagram: @marrs_the_martian 
Facebook: Christopher Marrs 
Twitter: @marrsthemartian 

Agency: 10 MGMT 
Instagram: @10mgmt 
Facebook: 10 MGMT 

Photographer: Johnny Vera 
Instagram: @johnnylouisphoto

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