How to Look the Part on the Golf Course

Whether you’re new to the wonderful world of golf or you’re a seasoned pro with plenty of years of fairway forays under your belt, looking smart and professional when you’re at your local golf club will affect how others see and respect you. A shabbily-dressed golfer is unlikely to command the same respect as a well-equipped and well turned-out individual, for instance. That’s why we’ve assembled this quick guide to looking the part on the golf course. It’s something that’ll help you assemble the right gear to fit right in when you go to shoot a few holes.


Your clothing is a large part of how you’re interpreted on the course. You’re looking here to strike the perfect balance between sporting attire and smart yet casual clothing. It’s harder than it sounds, and you may take a while to find the look that works for you. Below are listed a few pointers to get you up and running:

  • Shoes: These should be specialist golf shoes, with small plastic spikes to help you grip to the tee, the fairway, and the green. Nothing too flashy – practicality calls here.
  • Pants: While you’re also looking for practicality in your pants, with enough room to turn with your swing, you’re able to select a fetching pair of chinos or slacks to wear to your round of golf.
  • Shirt: Your shirt is your calling card, and for most individuals who play golf, this means a simple, sports-fabric polo shirt. You choose the color, but the style is so timeless that there’s not so much leeway here.
  • Hat: Practical to help you shield your eyes from the sun, but certainly a part of your overall style, your hat should be a simple peaked cap with a sports logo. Look to your favorite golfers for inspiration here.
  • Glove: Finally, the glove. It’s a small touch, but essential to get right on the course. White with black lining is the standard design, but you might want to push the boat out on this one to gain a little individuality.
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These are the essential individual items that you’re able to tinker with on the golf course. Making them stylish and to your taste is a matter of shopping around to find the right combination.


The second component of looking the part at your golf club is, of course, the bag of clubs that accompany you around the course. These betray a lot about your investment in the game and your style of golf, so you should select everything carefully, from your bag to your towel, to look the part.

Invest in some high-quality golf drivers for those long fairway shots, and some beautiful irons to help you chip towards the green. Perhaps the most customizable club in terms of style and design is the putter. You’ll be able to buy one that’s both magnificent to use and highly attractive, personalized to fit your style.

Looking the part is a crucial element to golf club membership, and this article should have helped to outline exactly what you’ll need to invest in for you to be seen as a serious and respectable player.



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