The Gorgeous Antoine Morieult by Daniel Jaems

Sexy French guy Antoine Morieult snapped by London based photographer Daniel Jaems.

Enjoy 21 images of this stunner, with 96K followers on Instagram.

We never seem a man so handsome like Antoine

During 2018, Antoine gained so much fans and people who love watching the hunk guy.

These pictures were taken during November 2018, on Daniel’s studio in London.


Just look how the palms reflects on the muscle body of Antoine. Although the Instagram sensation and fitness addict he’s 5’5″ and we don’t care.

Sans contrefaçon, je suis un garçon

Antoine has worked with so many people in Paris, Patryck Lebrun, Kiu Meireles, Pascalpprl, Charles Moriarty, Cedric Roulliat among others.

His pictures reaching 15K of likes each!

All pictures belong to photographer Daniel Jaems, follow on Instagram:
Talent Antoine Morieult @antoinemorieult

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