Kent & Curwen Fall/Winter 2019 London

Founded in 1926. British heritage menswear brand from London presents new collection at British Fashion Council.

The brand is proud to announce that, ‘By order of the Peaky Blinders’, we will be presenting a capsule collection inspired by the series alongside the Autumn/Winter 2019 collection this Sunday at Two Temple Palace.

‘By order of the Peaky Blinders’

The charisma of Kent & Curwen founder, Eric Kent, quickly propelled him into very high-society, mixing regularly with The Duke of Windsor and his circle in 1920’s London.

Happily to invite Brand partner David Beckham, he took a picture with actual Creative Director Daniel Kearns.

Also with guests Victoria Beckham, Brooklyn Beckham, and Brooklyn’s girlfriend Hana Cross, Dylan Jones from GQ, and proud to collaborate with fashion brand Peaky Blinders.

These relationships form an important influence on the Autumn Winter 2019 Collection showcasing this Sunday at London Fashion Week Men’s.

‘This archive image of our founder Eric Kent and his brother during WW1, served as the creative starting point for the new collection – a military man in uniform returning to London to set about starting his business in tie stripes, blazers and knitwear for the clubs and universities of England.
It struck me if Eric, and indeed his wife Dorothy, were setting about creating this brand today, what would they be wearing, what would they be into and who would they be socialising with?’ Admits @Daniel.Kearns , Creative Director, Kent & Curwen.

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