PnV Network Exclusive – Down Under With Saxon Dunworth

by Steve Leonard @stevetleonard

We saw a lot of Saxon Dunworth on social media in 2018 captured in fantastic pics by the likes of Pat Supsiri, Brian Jamie, Greg Vaughan and Robbie Mason (to name just a few), and more recently with Richard K. Sawyer. I thought it would be fun for readers and myself to get to know Saxon a bit better.

Hi Saxon. Tell us about a little about your career. You’re a fitness instructor, right? Do you like what you do?
I love being a fitness coach. Helping other people achieve their health and fitness goals and feel better about themselves is an awesome feeling. I want to focus more on the modelling. I love it and it’s something I want to put more time into because I spent the last few years focusing on my personal training and now I want to put some more emphasis on this 🙋🏻‍♂️

You’re signed with Chadwick Models. How long now?
I’ve been with Chadwicks for just over a year of awesomeness 🙋🏻‍♂️😋

I think that’s a great direction to go in. Who have been some of the biggest influences on your modeling career?
My friend Pat Supsiri has always wanted me to do the best I can and believes in me. He’s always been advising me to shoot with some amazing photographers. Another great influence has been my friend Nat Ko (who was my oldest agent); she has helped me a lot in this journey . They’ve both been great friends and mentors to me 🤗

What have been a few of your favorite moments in your modeling career?
A few favorite moments in my modeling career; well I have to be a good model to have moments ha! I love every job I’ve ever done. All the clients are amazing and have given me fond memories.

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You’ve had some very well-received images playing football (what we call soccer). What do you know about American football?
American football hey… Well I know it’s a type of football you play in America, that’s about it. Oohh and Tom Brady 😀

In all seriousness, I enjoy watching NFL highlights. One day it would amazing to go to a game, the atmosphere looks incredible.

What part or parts of your body do you receive the most compliments on?
The parts of my body I received the most comments about …. ( 🍑, or the two pins 📍📍) I’m sure you can guess what this resembles.

Oh yes, we know… 🙂

So, to follow up on the above question, do you read all the comments on your social media posts? How do you react to some of the more risqué ones?
I try to read all the comments on my social media; reacting to the more risqué ones with a good sense of humour. That’s about it. I’m just happy that people enjoy the posts and are happy to comment on them.

You’ve done a few shoots in underwear. I’m curious if you have a favorite brand and style of underwear?
I love all brands of underwear along as they look good on me then I’m happy. Hehe

Such a diplomatic answer. Perhaps I should start a Twitter poll and let the fans vote…If you follow Saxon on Instagram (and if you aren’t why not?!) you’ll see a lot of pictures of amazing looking food. I have to ask, all those pictures of you with food… are those your ‘cheat days’ or do you eat like that all the time?
All the food photos I take; I used to have cheat days when I was younger, but I’ve learnt…more like learning…to incorporate these meals into my week when socializing with friends.

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Do you have a favorite food or guilty pleasure when it comes to eating?Favourite food, as weird and basic as it sounds, I love porridge. I know strange, but hey it’s what I love!

(Porridge is oatmeal to us Americans!)

Favourite guilty pleasure… Hmm, how bad can I be 🤔? To be honest, I love eating peanut butter sandwiches, it’s my Kryptonite.

When you’re at the gym do you have a favorite and least favorite body part to work out?
Favourite body part to work out… Hmm, I do love everything but the feeling of a good leg workout with deadlifts hits the spot. Worst body part to workout would be my brain because I hate reading; horrible joke, I know! In all seriousness I would say back, because chin ups are hard 😕

We just started a New Year and I know a lot of people – myself included – make resolutions to lose weight or eat better or to just get into better shape. As a fitness coach, what would you say to somebody whose resolution may be to get into better shape or drop a couple of pounds, but who doesn’t want to  – or have the time to – join a gym? Do you have tips you give your clients to help encourage them?
Speaking from my own experience, I’ve found little things make a difference over time. Don’t expect quick weight loss because generally speaking it’s unhealthy and leads to quick weight gain.So things like trying to include more vegetables into meals. If possible look at more nutrient dense ones with lower calories. For example, green leafy veggies, broccoli, spinach, silver beet, etc. Drink plenty of water.

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Try to avoid processed foods and look for unprocessed alternatives like brown rice instead of white rice.

Look more at herbs and spices to give flavor to meals rather than processed sauces and dressings. In saying that, I think any vinegars are amazing as dressings with the juice of a fresh lemon or lime. Exercise-wise it’s about trying to move more throughout the day. This can be as simple as trying to stand more at your desk, or walking around the office if you’re making a call. Taking the stairs instead of an elevator. Walking to your local supermarket. Again, these are things that I do.

Thanks so much for spending this time with me, Saxon. It’s been fun!

Thank you! All I can say is that I’ve been fortunate enough to sign with a great agency, work with some amazing people, and be featured on some amazing pages ; such as yours 😋 and I’m looking forward for what’s to come!

Follow Saxon Dunworth on social media at:

Instagram: www.instagram.com/saxondunworth
Twitter: www.twitter.com/saxondunworth

Check out photographer Richard K. Sawyer on social media at:
Instagram: www.instagram.com/richardksawyer
Website: www.richardksawyer.com.

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