From Buenos Aires with Love – Efren Perdomo by Benjamin Veronis

The new story From Buenos Aires with Love – Efren Perdomo by Benjamin Veronis will hook you up and will make you pack your bags and book a trip to Argentina.

The myth is true Latinos are the most good looking man on Earth

Photographer Benjamin Veronis traveled to Buenos Aires to find inspiration, motivation and obviously taking a free time, he had a wonderful 2018 year, but now he’s enjoying the place where Evita Peron is from.

But wait a minute, while he was looking for inspiration he really find a new male muse.

A young man named Efren Perdomo a Venezuelan model a good looking sexy guy.

Efren introduces himself via email “My name is Efren Perdomo, I am 24 years old and I was born in Venezuela. I currently live in Buenos Aires. I am a professional volleyball player since I was 11 years old and I have appeared in several digital and printed magazines.”

Efren is currently a Model in Buenos Aires for several agencies, including Monteverde Models, an agency of talented people.

“I have learned that the beauty of living is found in the simplest things”

Efren Perdomo

And yes we found the beauty of Efren in his natural male body, his lovely and melting eyes and natural charisma.

The photographer comments how they meet each other, “He had seen one of the two other photoshoots I’ve done since being here, and connected with me via Instagram and we arranged to meet and shoot.”

He concludes, “He doesn’t speak English so well, and I don’t speak Spanish so well, so it was an interesting session with a few words and a lot of hand gestures, but it turned out pretty well!”

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See more of the work of Ben Veronis here:

One side note, Did you know that Men from Venezuela won victories in almost all the contests used to create the ranking chart. They have been the winners of the Mister World, Manhunt International, and Mister International contests.?

Now you know why men from Venezuela are a very good looking guys living on earth.

Photographer: Benjamin Veronis
Instagram: @benveronis
Website: www.palmspringsmen.com

Model: Efren Perdomo
Instagram: @efrenperdomo_

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