Brain&Beast Fall/Winter 2019 080 Barcelona

The abnormal acquisition of items is called compulsive buying disorder or “oniomania”. This psychological disorder consists of a persistent, irresistible, assaulting purchase that happens repeatedly, causing a pleasant sensation and reducing discomfort.

Among people suffering from this psychopathy, a high degree of comorbidity is reported: compulsive buyers often meet criteria for other disorders, specifically those related to depressive disorders and low self-esteem.

Satisfying the unbridled desire to buy without a real need is thus an emotional outlet and becomes a need which is very difficult to wean from. Recognising this addiction is a blow to one’s own beliefs and ideas, which could be explained by the theory of cognitive dissonance: the more we buy, the more we feel obliged to justify this habit by making more purchases.

The brand also attended Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Madrid a couple of weeks ago:

/ notBUYING _ justTHERAPY / is a satellite collection that includes aspirational, accessible and even therapeutic fashion objects; pieces that, from the Brain&Beast universe, are created as patches on emotional stability, thus helping to face reality from a positive point of view, as a support stick, in order to avoid more complex conflicts.

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