Brain&Beast Fall/Winter 2019 Madrid

“Spellbound” is the new collection of Brain & Beast  and it’s conceived as a reflection of obsession with a captivating and blind abstraction, embodied in a person, object or dogma of faith. 

In the first half of the 20th century Gaëtan Gatian of Clérambault describes in “Les Psychoses Passionelles” a delirious picture dominated by erotomaniac ideas that has gone down in history with his name: the Clérambault Syndrome.

These disorders are a form of psychosis distinct from schizophrenia where the only symptom that appears is delirium. Who suffers this erotomaniac delirium, has the conviction (not the desire, nor the fantasy, nor the illusion … but the absolute conviction) to have a relationship of “impossible love” with a person generally of a superior social position that is unattainable. In addition, it is usually to this person who is attributed having taken the first steps and who has given rise to this relationship. You will also see evidence of the love that your “partner” manifests in the most insignificant act that he performs, and as it is a delirium, these ideas are fixed, permanent and irreducible to logical argumentation.

/ Spellbound / is conceived as a reflection on the obsession with a captivating and blind abstraction, embodied in person, object or dogma of faith.

Thus, it is ironic about love and hate, unfulfilled promises, dreams that do not allow to rest, the irrational of feeling and the thin line that separates delirium from reality.

Fatal vampirizing fates, parents of thought turned into idols of the masses, anonymous in love letters, cinema and television as a factory for false gods, technology as a channel of proximity to unreality.

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