Meet Midwest Beauty Joshua Betz by KJ Heath – Exclusive

We Meet Midwest Beauty Joshua Betz by KJ Heath – Exclusive for Fashionably Male.

Happy to introduce you guys this Midwest beauty of 26 yo currently living in New York City. Josh is a tap dancer and model from Evansville, Indiana.

The photographer took over at hotel Sixty Les at New York City.

In the heart of New York City’s Lower East Side lies luxury amid haute minimalism, SIXTY LES, carries the artful spirit of the city through its every suite, space and dining venue, from an Andy Warhol filmstrip pool to Lee Friedlander-made glowing headboards to bespoke Jim Walrod interior design elements.

Josh at first relaxing in a velvet coach wearing an UNIQLO shirt. Posing for the lens of KJ Heath.

He’s wearing a BOX underwear brief in the following pics, but wait there’s more. This new year has already brought so much change for sure.

“February got me feeling some kind of way this year. 
Alot of change. Heading into my 27th year. Insurance running out. Changing to a nyc ID. Anyone else feeling this kind of way?”

Josh via Instagram

When he’s about to removes his briefs, the mood is setting calm down your nerves.

The nudity on the pictures of KJ Heath

Back and forth from Chicago to NYC, KJ always looking the beauty of the human form on muses like Jazz dancers, fitness entrepreneurs, inclusive on average people who likes to be captured by the lens of a professional photographer.

The eroticism on the pictures took to a next level of your own ecstasy.

Shapes and forms, tall and thin, big and muscles, slims or hairy, KJ finds the beauty in every angle of our skin.

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Josh has a beautiful body and face, his skills as a tap dancer makes even more attractive, having this control of his body while he’s in front of the lens.

We’re glad of having the work of KJ Heath with us, since 2013:

Photographer KJ Heath @kj.heath
Model and dancer Joshua Betz @joshuabetz.jb

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