Fashion Photographer Daniel Clavero experiments on the new issue of The GQ Collections Spring/Summer 2019.

Welcome friends, to GQ biannual edit of what’s stepping off the runway and into your wardrobe.

Be it pale palettes or patterned prints, British GQ got every angle covered.

Style by master Luke Day who instigates on fashion brands like Canali, Hermès, Dolce & Gabbana, Bottega Veneta among others. Along with groomer Bo Champagne and hair by Matthew Tuozzoli.

One thing we can highlight is the first time, we noticed a female model participated on the biannual issue, she’s Vanessa Ouma.

Photographer: Daniel Clavero @danielclavero
Stylist: Luke Day @luke_jefferson_day
Grooming: Bo Champagne
Hair: Matthew Tuozzoli
Set Designer: Haydee Findlay-Levin
Cast: Salomon Diaz, Joao Knorr, Douglas Dillon, Liam Young, Francisco Henriques, Rachide Embalo, Vanessa Ouma

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