Tips in Picking For The Outfit Of The Day

While you may wish you could afford a personal stylist, it won’t break your bank to learn some of their tips and tricks. With the right pieces and styling advice, you can start putting together stunning outfits that would make even the most well-dressed celebs jealous.

Creating the Perfect Outfit

Though putting outfits together may seem like a challenge only the most fashion-forward people can solve, figuring out what makes an outfit work is all that is needed to create a wow-worthy look. Keep reading to learn the 10 truths of creating an incredible outfit.

1. Start with a Feeling

Every successful look is based on the statement you’re trying to make. Are you going for a more comfortable look? Do you want to show the world that you’re feeling your most confident? Figuring out how you want your outfit to feel is the starting point that will help you to define the rest of the outfit.

2. Think Logistically

The next part of planning your outfit will focus on the logistics. Where are you going? How long will you be there? Is it going to rain? All of these questions will help you to take precautions for the day to ensure you are comfortable, regardless of what pieces you choose. Once you’ve figured out these details, you can continue to pick out the appropriate attire.

3. Look for Inspiration

Don’t go into your styling session blind. Hop on Pinterest or Instagram to get some inspiration. Check out the latest trends on the runways and the newest looks from your favorite celebrities. While you don’t have to copy them precisely, you can use them to help you understand the inner workings of a successful outfit.

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4. Choose Your Base

You’ll start piecing your outfit together by starting with your base. The base of your outfit is the first layer of clothing. The bottom and top of your outfit are how you will set the tone for your look.

5. Balance Your Pieces

Get some ideas for bases by thinking of your favorite things. Consider your preferred colors, textures, patterns, and brands. While you’re working to pair the top and bottom, analyze how the two work together. Every good stylist aims to have each piece balance the other out.

As you take a look at some of your fashion inspiration, make note of how they put each look together. Are they mixing different color palettes? Are they making a unique statement with their choice of patterns? Studying these types of details will allow you to make similar decisions in your own outfits.

6. Choose Comfortable Clothing

Another thing to consider when picking out your base pieces is comfort. Since your choice in shirt and pants will be the core of your outfit, you should wear pieces that fit comfortably. For example, when choosing a shirt, the right pick will be equally comfortable and a perfect fit for your body type.

Adam White, founder of Jasper Holland Clothing Company, says that most men when buying a t-shirt don’t factor in the fit of the shirt around the torso, or how the sleeves should hug tight against the arms. The right shirt (much like a proper pair of pants) will conform to your figure without being too tight or baggy.

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7. Add the Layers

Layering tends to apply more if you live in a colder climate as this will help you stay warm. Whether you layer with thermals or are just adding a blazer, try to pick each piece intentionally. As you go throughout the day, you may take one or more pieces off, so keep this in mind when putting the outfit together.

Don’t be afraid to get creative as you layer. Your layering choices add another dynamic element to your outfit, so make yours unique. Consider various fabrics, patterns, and cuts as you pick your layers. Ideally, your final choices will all work together to form a complete look.

8. Pick the Shoes

There’s a reason some people believe that shoes will make or break the outfit. Your choice of shoe is like the finishing touch to your look. If you choose the wrong pair, your outfit won’t appear as put-together as you intend it to.

Your shoes should complement the clothing choice in the rest of your outfit. They should add to the statement you’re making rather than clash with it. That being said, your shoes should be comfortable enough to walk in. The key is finding that balance between stylish and functional.

9. Bring on the Accessories

Accessories are the last thing to add to your outfit to take things to the next level. The right pieces will transform a well-balanced outfit into one that is a real showstopper. Though not every look will call for accessories, don’t rule them out either.

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When choosing your accessories, consider the areas that you would like to highlight on your body. With your neck, consider a statement necklace. If it’s your head, go for a stylish hat. As you choose the best accessories for your body, keep in mind to make sure they are right for the outfit.

10. Shop with Outfits in Mind

Making the perfect outfit really begins when you’re shopping for new clothes. Whether you’re thrifting or are in one of your favorite designer stores, keep in mind how you can use each new piece. Every item you buy should be something that you can use to create an outfit. Try to avoid making one-off purchases, unless they are statement pieces that you just can’t live without.

Though there is an entire world of fashion left to explore, starting with these basics will help you to pull your next outfit together. Be sure to keep this guide in mind the next time you’re stuck wondering what to wear.

  1. These are all great tips. I find myself wanting to dress more casually all the time, sometimes to my girlfriends disapproval.

  2. today , dressed is all made for long men’s …..what we must wear little men’s so about 1,70cm to 1.75 cm
    the proportions af the clothes are disturbed

    • fashionablymale

      Yeah. But fast fashion companies has so many options for average people.

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