All Spotlights on: Brandon Cole Bailey by Sean Micah

All Spotlights on: Brandon Cole Bailey by Sean Micah, returning to the screens of Fashionably Male, the model known for his “Ken” body is here looking better than ever.

He has more than 190,000 followers on Instagram and counting, he has been on modeling since he has 15 years old. Back in the old days, when he was scouted by Hollister.

He starts this 2019 with so much positive energy and attitude, when he’s in front of the camera, he’s a professional model, “Sometimes you have to be a boss to get things done the right way. You have to take initiative and control of your own life and destiny to reach the top of your goals and dreams. Remember no one can do it for you it’s you who has to do it.”

He has been in the public scene for such long time, but right now he looks incredible.

“Let’s go to the beach but make it fashion. Sometimes you need an outfit that makes you feel good. Who cares what the norm is I for one have never fit in the “norm” and I’m okay with that I hope you all can find yourself in that mindset as well.” 

Brandon Cole Bailey

This Libra handsome young man has 23 years old, (October 16, 1995) knows what he wants, “It’s not about the money or the fame it’s about the art and the dream.” 

Photographer Sean Micah along with Make Up Artist Sami Rivera and stylist Jasmin Woods to recreate an ethereal and minimalist work, because all the attention goes to the beauty of “Ken”.

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“I’m extremely grateful for all the adventures, bad experiences and amazing experiences I’ve been given over the years and I can’t wait to continue this journey and continue to mature and excel.” 

Although, our Ken is gonna always be our Ken. The fashion world needs people just like him.

The key to health is not just working out and a proper diet but it is happiness, laughter and smiles.

Photography Sean Micah @seanmicahcreative
Model Brandon Cole Bailey @itsreallyken
Stylist Jasmin Woods @styledbyseven
Make Up Artist Sam Rivera @samirivera for MAC Cosmetics.

  1. Brandon is beloved cute model.

  2. agustin abrahams

    bellísimo joven modelo

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