Astrid Andersen RTW Fall 2021 London cover

Astrid Andersen Ready To Wear Fall 2021 London

The designer goes back to her streetwear root, embraces big and nostalgic silhouettes from the ’90s, and uses elements that make her happy.

Having been stuck in Copenhagen for over a year, Astrid Andersen needed this collection to remind her why she fell in love with fashion. “We all question at some point, are we going to do a collectio …

Creative direction/styling/casting : @simonrasmussen & Astrid Andersen 
Director : @jens_langkjaer
DOP: @frederiksall
Post production : @maddsinceeightyone

Music: @tomasbarfod & @jeppekjellberg

Special thanks @alchemist & @rasmusmunkalchemist

Gösta @kvartsvensker
Danial @itsdanne
Ahmednuur @ahmednuur__
Joseph @joseph.Rubin
Daniella @daniellaceesay
Tamara @tamaraputriv
Marcus @marcusbiyai

Make up: @rikkedengsoe

Shoot coordinator @mia_thi
Casting assistant @simone_drost
Studio manager @katrinelh
Runner @tobalamin & @tobias_kbh

Thank you @statenskunstfond@sagafurs & @hummelsport

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