5 Reasons Why It’s Time to Go Consignment Shopping

At a time when prices are going higher and higher, but your salary remains the same, the need to become a wise consumer is becoming more prevalent. If you are one of those with a taste for luxury brands and designer products like Louis Vuitton, then you need to be smart about each of your purchases.

Lucky for you, consignment shopping is a growing trend as well.

At its core, consignment shopping is the act of buying hand-me-downs. However, these aren’t your regular hand-me-downs as items in consignment shops have been refurbished and restored to become as good as new.

Top brands like The Real Real take the extra effort in making each item from their store look like it comes straight out of the doors of the makers themselves. If you are still not bought into the idea of doing this kind of shopping, then here are some of its benefits.

Support A More Sustainable Retail System

A lot of luxury item owners simply throw away the clothes they no longer want. Even if it has no issues or any major tears, these clothes are thrown away as if they no longer have any use.

Since consignment shops restore these clothes into good as new conditions, they’ll be able to support a more sustainable ecosystem. Gone are the days of still good luxury items flooding landfills and garbage dumps.

A Wide Collection of Brands

Online consignment shops like The RealReal have all the brands you can think about. From the biggest names in sports apparel to the biggest names in luxury clothing, these shops have it all. You name it, they have it.

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Not all physical retailers offer as wide a selection of brands as certain consignment shops so if you are looking for an outlet that has it all, then you now know where to look. Whether you’re buying Adidas shoes for yourself or a Louis Vuitton bag for your special someone, you’ll find something that suits your needs.

Prices to Splurge For

It’s hard to splurge on luxury items as you’ll most likely be spending up to a thousand dollars to a single piece of clothing. That is both impractical and of course, a waste of your money.

With consignment shopping, your thousand bucks could bag you more than a single item. Most of the items in a consignment shop range from a few hundred dollars only. You’ll be seeing up to 70% discounts on luxury items. If you look hard enough, you can find even bigger discounts.

Items That Are Cleaner Than New Ones

It’s a common fact that freshly made clothes have chemicals in them. Even those coming from the top brands have this fault. That good thing is that these chemicals wash off so that means several cycles in the washer will make these items squeaky clean.

Consignment stores not only restore these clothes passed down from another owner, but they also implement an array of techniques to keep everything else clean.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about your items being stuck in the storage room for months if you’re buying from consignment shops.

Get Out of Circulation Items

Consignment shops are a treasure trove for consumers hoping to buy items that are already out of the production cycle of the top brands.

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Some consignment shops still carry these items so you might be in for a treat if you find that handbag that you have been looking for, for several months now.

Companies like The RealReal have so many items in store, you should no longer be surprised that if they still have exclusive items within their selection of goods.

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