Male Beauty Appreciation: Edward Dominguez by Francisco Fernandez

Here’s Venezuelan Male Beauty Appreciation: Edward Dominguez by Francisco Fernandez.

Look at the 6’2″ brown eyes and hair male muse, he’s represented by CGM Models, Edward comes for the very first time to our screens in Fashionably Male.

The model is showing you he’s ready to be in the fashion and fitness photography

And he’s in good hands, Caroline Gleason Management a Miami Beach modeling agency is handled the best faces on Florida.

But the long story short is Edward known as “Yayo” is a very good friend of Francisco, the photographer, who’ve he said they’ve known a few years ago back in Venezuela.

“I know Edward from several years ago and we’ve worked together in several chances here in New York and Venezuela. This series we shot on my New York studio.”

We’re lucky to have this male muse in EE.UU. Yayo is based in Miami, he has a girlfriend (sorry guys) but he’s looking so handsome in this pictures thanks to Francisco.

The beauty appreciation of Yayo

Just look at his eyes, he reflects transparency and honesty, his body speaks for himself. We don’t need to say no more.

He looks great in fashion editorial. But we have the exclusive to show you this stunning sexy material taken by Francisco in New York.

The conclusion

We have to say that Latino male beauty —to be honest— is diverse and everyday more is having more acceptance in America.

Which we know platforms in the web and including Fashionably Male has applauded, respected and impulsed Latino and Hispanic male models who wants to be in the modeling world.

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You can see more of the work of Francisco Fernandez

Photographer Francisco Fernandez @2fphotography
Model Edward Dominguez @yayoviso at @cgmmodels

  1. agustin abrahams

    excelente fotos y bellísimo modelo, aunque tenga novia, guapo

  2. He looks like a greek demi-god and a body of marble !

  3. He’s handsome. I wish he could display full frontal nudity.

  4. I’d like that so very much. I’d help him get into position and perhaps fluff him for awhile. I’d extract the white liquid from the source and ingest it so nothing’s wasted. Man-made-protein at its best.

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