Seek for Alexander Wilson Pictures by Balthier Corfi

Seek for Alexander Wilson Pictures by Balthier Corfi in New York City.

Meet model Alexander Wilson exclusive pictures by Balthier Corfi also styled by Corfi using Ricardo Seco wardrobe.

Coat, Scarf and leggings, Ricardo Seco
Sequin Jacket and trousers, Ricardo Seco. Handkerchief, Zara.

Multi-talented and talented photographer Balthier Corfi shares his new work with model Alexander Wilson.

Elegant way to present Alexander, who has a fresh and amazing face, perfect for fashion publishers and big luxury brands.

Jacket by Ricardo Seco
Leather Jacket by Ricardo Seco

Balthier featuring Seco

Fashion designer Ricardo Seco and Balthier Corfi they have been friends for years, and have maintained that friendship that has become great achievements.

Balthier has collaborated with Seco on NYFW several times, as a Casting Director choosing a multicultural casting.

Jacket by Ricardo Seco, Trousers by ZARA.
Sequin jacket Ricardo Seco, handkerchief Zara

Balhiter’s photography is has minimal contrasts in shadows and large reflectors that intensify every angle of the body and face.

Example that you can see in the last two images, how the lighting can make a person with a minimal aesthetic look, and in the second image the features of Alexander’s face is intentional and gives a more aggressive look.

See more of Balthier Corfi’s work:

Photography Balthier Corfi @balthiercorfi
Model Alexander Wilson @seekalexander

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