A Guide to Starting a Men’s Fashion Business

With modern men taking more pride in their appearance, men’s fashion can be a lucrative field to enter. While carving a place for your new business in the competitive market might not be easy, it will be worth all the hard work when you’re generating a healthy profit each day.

If you are considering launching a retail brand in 2019, read this handy guide to starting a men’s fashion business.

Define Your Niche

Different men will have different tastes and style preferences. Before you attempt to develop a website, logo or content, consider the type of clothing you wish to sell to men up and down the country or across the world. 

For example, do you want to provide sleek, sophisticated clothing for a professional, or does fashionable streetwear light a fire inside of you? By defining a niche, you will be more likely to develop a polished, professional brand.

Identify Your Audience’s Budget

Of course, the niche you choose will more than likely determine the price of your clothing. For example, if you want to provide high-quality suits and shirts to sophisticated gentlemen, you’ll more than likely be targeting professionals with a disposable income. However, if you’re selling jeans, hoodies and t-shirts, you may need to drop your pricing to complement a younger audience’s budget.

Create a Powerful Brand

Your niche, target audience, and price point will impact your branding. The above factors should determine your company’s tone of voice, advertisements, logo, and product packaging. Consistency is vital when developing a powerful brand, which is why you must develop an in-house style guide for your employees to follow.

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Consider Dropshipping

If you want source clothing products with ease and eliminate the need for warehousing, you would be smart to consider dropshipping. Your job will be to serve as a reseller of a dropshipping company’s products, and they will store and ship a product to your customer once they complete a sale. 

As a result, you don’t need to invest in a considerable amount of inventory upfront, and you’ll have more time available to focus on marketing your products and improving the customer service experience. There are, however, many services available to choose from. To make an informed decision, read this informative eBay dropshipping guide from Oberlo.

Choose Visual Marketing Mediums

A good fashion brand allows its clothing to speak for itself. For this reason, you must market your collection on various visual mediums to grab your target demographic’s attention and increase your conversion rate. For example, Instagram can be an ideal platform, as the photo and video sharing social network can be a powerful medium for growing your customer base.

In addition to posting professional photographs on your brand’s profile, you also should utilize various popular hashtags, which can encourage users to view your clothing, engage with your brand and buy your products. 

Once you start to generate a profit, consider reaching out to social media influencers, who can promote your products and drive a substantial amount of traffic to your brand’s profile and website.

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