Azzaro Paris Presents Mediterranean Swimwear Collection SS19

Azzaro Paris Presents Mediterranean Swimwear Collection SS19 for men.

Classic designs, exquisite and natural fabrics, with other techproposals that allow automatic drying.

To the mythical microprints of the brand is added the Logo XXL over powerful colors – red, black, orange – for a man who seeks the balance between sophistication, classicism and design.

Luxury and comfort dress the man through a new collection of shorts and boxers with unique designs that review the graphic art and the original micro print of the brand.

The Mediterranean Coast is the inspiration and the stage of the SS19 campaign with the Italian model Matteo Cupelli at @fashionartmgmt and the photographer Esteban Roca. 

By day, the Azzaro man dons easy yet sophisticated looks. He favors classic cuts pepped up by plays on colors or prints. Contrasting hues and textures add substance to this simple and subtly-detailed collection of unconventional tailored pieces.

Azzaro Paris celebrates a half a century in the top of international fashion. Azzaro Paris undertakes a revision of the firm iconic pieces, designs, fabrics and motifs that made it prime at the early 70s. 

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Red, intense violet and black are the main colour of a collection completed by grey and bluish as exclusives tones for swimwear and that make the home-wear universe a unique fashion experience.

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See more at @azzaro_official

Photography: Esteban Roca @estaban_roca_photo
Dir art: Alex Villar @alex_villar76 
Model: Matteo Cupelli @matteocupelli Agency: @Fashionartmgmt

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