Featuring up-and-coming Mohammad by The Ronaldo Photography

Featuring up-and-coming presents Mohammad by The Ronaldo Photography check the new exclusive you have in your screens, and then check back your pulse again.

Dubai-based, Jordanian model, Mohammad Ajoory in a steamy photoshoot. 

Shooting in a studio by The Ronaldo Photography a visual artist and creative lensman based in Dubai.

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Mohammad is another one good model, disciplined, taking care of his body, he likes to swim. And he has been scouted by Ronaldo in Dubai.

Where all the luxury and opulence resides Fashion in Dubai is a reflection of many cultures with a wonderful array of style.

You can see the firs work of Ronaldo with us here:

For the next pictures, Ronaldo styled and helped to direct Mohammad to look like a great professional model just the way he is.

We’ve know his work since 2014, with tracking of time, Ronaldo has been prove himself that he is a very good lensman.

Model: Mohammad Ajoory @mohmmad.ajoory
Photography & styling: @theronaldophotography 

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  1. agustin abrahams


    • fashionablymale

      En verdad que si es un chico que tiene mucho potencial. Es hermoso.

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