Meet Fitness Young Man Luke Davis in Pics by Karim Konrad

Meet Fitness Young Man Luke Davis in Pics by Karim Konrad exclusive for Fashionably Male.

We know that is very important to be active in our lives, and having a good healthy diet but sometimes we need motivation.

That’s why––one of the reasons–– I created this weblog to inspire more people (from all ages) to be active and do some push ups at home.

For this occasion we’re gonna see the new pics of photographer and beloved friend Karim Konrad.

Karim right now is based in Hong Kong at the moment, globetrotter traveling around the world with his favorite tool, his camera lens.

He met young man Luke Davis a dedicated physique athlete who loves to train, who loves to be disciplined in the gym, but he loves to eat donuts.

Today, we’re gonna display––for the first time––how good is looking Luke in front of the camera of Karim.

Luke is not another cute face, just following him on Insta, and you’ll find out why.

Luke is promoting an apparel fitness brand in New Zealand named ATHLNZ.

And remember even a young promised athlete figure just like Luke needs motivation, “challenge yourself to be great and never ever give up on your dreams, ambitions and goals.” He quoted on Insta.

More work of Karim Konrad here:

“Wake up everyday and see how much of a positive impact you bring to this world.” 

Luke Davis

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Jeans: Hallenstein brothers
Shoes: Converse
shirt & pants: Athleisure Apparel @athlnz
Sweater: Nike
Underwear: Garcon Model @garconmodel
Model Luke Davis @luke_davis_337
Photographer: Karim Konrad @karimkonrad

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