PnV Presents: Ripp Baker by David Vance –– Issue 01

PnV Presents: Ripp Baker by David Vance –– Issue 01 for Fashionablymale Magazine.

Welcome to Issue 01 of PnV Presents: Fashionablymale Magazine, we are very happy to presents third cover with hunky Ripp Bakker photographed by master David Vance.

By Tom Peaks @MrPeaksNValleys

Inspired by the character, Gaston, in “Beauty & the Beast,” popular model Ripp Baker poses in a sexy period piece with Miami-based photographer David Vance.

Vance remarked, “I watched “Beauty & the Beast” a day or two before we shot and was inspired by the brawny looks of the character Gaston.   I was inspired by the period costumes and thought how much fun it would be to see Ripp as Gaston strip.”

The results are amazing! And Vance commented, “Ripp is a trip…very chill and fun to work with. He’s not what I would call a standard beauty, but a beauty nonetheless because of his uniqueness.” He continued, “A lot of fitness guys are fanatic about prep for a shoot, water depleting, and carb depleting. Ripp is in great shape, but not what you would call shredded. He has a wonderful, approachable quality and rugged handsomeness of actor Gary Cooper.”

27 year-old Minnesota hunk Ripp Baker was excited about this Miami shoot.   “I wanted to shoot with David Vance because I believe he has a very artistic aspect to his shoots.   It seemed different than a lot of shoots I’ve previously done, and I wanted to be captured in a new light.  He has a mind unlike any other.”

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Model Ripp Baker  @rippbaker
Photography David Vance @davidvancephoto

  1. Gordon Harris

    So well photographed and posed. Thank you.

  2. Gordon Harris

    Yes, he sure is handsome and nice built.

  3. Anonymous

    modelo bellísimo elegante

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