PnV Presents: Ripp Baker by David Vance –– Issue 01

PnV Presents: Ripp Baker by David Vance –– Issue 01 for Fashionablymale Magazine.

Welcome to Issue 01 of PnV Presents: Fashionablymale Magazine, we are very happy to presents third cover with hunky Ripp Bakker photographed by master David Vance.

By Tom Peaks @MrPeaksNValleys

Inspired by the character, Gaston, in “Beauty & the Beast,” popular model Ripp Baker poses in a sexy period piece with Miami-based photographer David Vance.

Vance remarked, “I watched “Beauty & the Beast” a day or two before we shot and was inspired by the brawny looks of the character Gaston.   I was inspired by the period costumes and thought how much fun it would be to see Ripp as Gaston strip.”

The results are amazing! And Vance commented, “Ripp is a trip…very chill and fun to work with. He’s not what I would call a standard beauty, but a beauty nonetheless because of his uniqueness.” He continued, “A lot of fitness guys are fanatic about prep for a shoot, water depleting, and carb depleting. Ripp is in great shape, but not what you would call shredded. He has a wonderful, approachable quality and rugged handsomeness of actor Gary Cooper.”

27 year-old Minnesota hunk Ripp Baker was excited about this Miami shoot.   “I wanted to shoot with David Vance because I believe he has a very artistic aspect to his shoots.   It seemed different than a lot of shoots I’ve previously done, and I wanted to be captured in a new light.  He has a mind unlike any other.”

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Model Ripp Baker  @rippbaker
Photography David Vance @davidvancephoto

5 comments on “PnV Presents: Ripp Baker by David Vance –– Issue 01

  1. Gordon Harris

    So well photographed and posed. Thank you.

  2. Gordon Harris

    Yes, he sure is handsome and nice built.

  3. Anonymous

    modelo bellísimo elegante

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