Men’s Fashion in Matrimony

Poet Richard Eberhart once said, “Style is the perfection of a point of view.” Yet, for decades in western weddings, the groom and groomsmen have taken backseat when it comes to the wedding day. There is a lack of individualism. Although it is known to be the “brides day,” with changing society, why not bring forth a few spark yet seen in male wedding fashion?

By looking at different culture’s wedding traditions, it is evident that men can shine without taking away from the bride’s sparkle. From tuxedos and shoes to accessories such as rings and socks, men should have the freedom to explore their style for their wedding day.

It’s time to move beyond black and white attire and set a new standard of color and flair for the men participating in the wedding ceremony.

Tailoring the Tux

The groom and groomsmen’s attire can often be neglected compared to their bridal counterparts. However, weddings are a great time to get creative with groom suits. Formal men’s attire reaches new heights through the use of unconventional colors, patterns, and textures; if the bride can be lavished with expensive and detailed dresses coordinating the wedding theme, men should shoot for the same heights. Also, the groom’s attire should be noticeably different from the groomsmen so as not to blend into the background. The boldest statement would be going beyond the traditional black and white attire while appearing crisp and classic.

Look to cultures outside of your own to find classic, yet stylized wedding attire for men. Take note of the colors and styling of traditional groom’s suits from other countries and traditions. Coordinate with the color scheme of the wedding or match with an accent color from your partner’s attire or bouquet, serving as a compliment to the theme. Intertwine personality with pattern choice. Although they should be chosen with caution to taste and style, they can add flare and style to the wedding attire.


Patterns can also be done through types of fabric, offering a more subtle twist to the classic form such as corduroy. Play with how many pieces are in your suit. A 3-piece allows for the option of removing layers as the day goes on, while a vest  offers a different, yet still formal look for the wedding.

Accessories Make the Man

Looking for a more subtle way of expressing personal style? Try accessorizing with unorthodox items. Embrace patterned, colorful, and/or textured neckwear (ties, bowties, scarves), or buttoned shirts. The shape of bow ties is also another way of individualizing male wedding attire; this also goes for socks, watches, and even shoelaces and wedding bands. Websites like Manly Bands are focusing on male wedding fashion, offering individualistic and stylish wedding bands. A wedding bank is an opportunity to show off a man’s style and personality. Little touches can bring personal taste without overstating or outshining your fiance.

There has never been a better time to explore male wedding fashion. With a surge in creativity of men’s fashion in media and in stores, men have an opportunity to be a fashionable part of the wedding. It’s possible to dive deep into bold colors or sport a non-traditional suit. Or perhaps make a more subtle statement with accessories or a unique wedding band.

Either way, men can express their personal style easily with the current trends fashion trends.

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