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Professional Football Player / Model Avi Zabag by Eirad Netzer

When two worlds collides in one, Professional Football Player / Model Avi Zabag by Eirad Netzer is here in Fashionably Male pages.

Let’s take a look of this material provided by photographer Eirad Netzer a Tel-Aviv based lensman, Samsung Brand ambassador  “I travel the world and take pictures for a living. You can find my work on different magazines and cataloges. If you would like to work together.”

Is the first we published something about Eirad. We can’t wait to see your reaction.

Eirad presents Avi Zabag

Eirad’s work is oriented to a market publicist ads, we can’t deny that, but he’s a very professional photographer who can create entire world only using a camera lens.

Avi is represented by Yuli Models agency based in Tel Aviv since 1993.

6’1″ brown hair and eyes, fit body, a really football player body. With that enrichment beauty and sophisticated that only male models can have.

He’s a husband and a father!

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You can see more work of Eirad on Instagram, he has a prolific and excellent profile, his portfolio can be found here:

Photography Eirad Netzer @eirad
Model Avi Zabag @avizabag @ @yulimodels 

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  1. very beautiful!

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