Qasimi Spring/Summer 2020 London

Qasimi Spring/Summer 2020 London – The designer wants to express a sense of hope and positivity to the war torn Middle East.

Some 12 tons of coffee grounds were used to pave the runway of Qasimi’s runway. “I wanted something poetic that evokes the senses. It has the right texture and color, and smells good,” said designer Khalid S. Al Qasimi after the show. 

He didn’t grind those coffee beans for the show, of course – the grounds were sourced from a company that recycles them to make burning logs. 

The UAE-born designer wanted his new collection to address the political tension in the Middle East where he comes from, and give it a sense of positivity.

“I have to be political, it’s not just on trend. Coming from the Middle East, I have a duty to discuss politics. Fashion is my kind of material to work with and expressing it,” he said. 

Political messages aside, the clothes were well made, breezy and relaxed and ideal for the hot, urban and wealthy environs of Dubai. There were striped oversized T-shirts, loose shirts, trench coats and military jackets in beige, mustard, olive green, navy and grey, while the few pink and lilac sporty looks will be great for nights out in the Lamborghini.

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