Armando Adajar presents Cristian P. Gonzalez in ‘Upper West Side’

Finally we have a new work of photographer Armando Adajar who presents Cristian P. Gonzalez in ‘Upper West Side’, look this essay now.

Cristian is a Spanish globetrotter and Instagram newcomer who connects this time with Armando Adajar at Upper West Side in New York and they did a very well job here.

UWS (Upper West Side)

Armando explains how was the experience with Cristian––who’s a new guy exploring the new world of modeling––the result is here in exclusive with us.

“I traveled recently to New York City. It was my first time going around the UWS (Upper West Side). As I was exploring the area, I met a traveler named Cristian. Cristian is from Spain and was all by himself exploring the city. Getting along, we shared each others’ travel experiences which I always find interesting to learn every time I meet a traveler. Getting to know Cristian in a very short span of time, I was inspired at the moment and casually offered him to do a quick shoot.”

Armando Adajar

Armando continues explaining, “having no formal experience or training in modeling, he was a little hesitant but was also eager to learn about this interesting field of my work. After convincing him to try, we decided to shoot the following day. We did a couple of hours of shoot at the same time exploring the nearby areas of Upper West Side.” 

“Now that he is back in Spain and I am back in San Diego, we still stay in touch and hope our paths will cross again one of this day.”

Cristian and Armando became good friends, two different worlds who connects through a camera lens

While we are seeing the pictures, the Upper West Side is an affluent, primarily residential area with many of its residents working in commercial areas of Midtown and Lower Manhattan. “They say that the world is too big to explore, but for me, it’s not about how far you’ve traveled but it’s the journey and experience that counts and that makes every travel worthy no matter where you are.Armando comments.

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The power of a camera is unlimited

At the moment June 10, I received a text from Cristian and he said “I hope to see you soon, cause I want to travel next year to LA. If I don’t travel the next year I hope that you come to Spain some day, and come to Malaga”.

Talent Cristian P. Gonzalez @crisstian_fp
Photographer Armando Adajar @armandoadajarphotography

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