We Need a Man Just Like: Ian Garcia in Pics by Afif Kattan

Are you ready for this? We Need a Man Just Like: Ian Garcia in Pics by Afif Kattan.

Just in the middle of storm, comes a rainbow and sunshine, but here’s come what we really need: to see a Mexican athlete, fitness model and Instagram God with 206K followers Ian Garcia with pics of Mexican photographer Afif Kattan.

He’s the perfect man to keep in a house

His backgrounds has been doing so much exercise, keep a slim body and keep your attention to his stunning body when he decided to build and even doing competitions of bodybuilders contests.

Ian likes to entertain, he’s been doing modeling since 2015, now that he has more gains, he’s 100% dedicated to athleticism.

On Twitter and Instagram we’ve seen so many pictures of Ian when he was at Los Wapayasos, a group of fit boys wearing and make up as clowns.

They were killing it in every social media, and every event they attended. Ian was one of the favorite and most attractive clown in the road. Sorry not sorry.

Yes, you have read right, when he was there, everybody in Mexico was going crazy when these guys going out to entertain you. It was massive, chaotic and completely nutcase, but hey, you can easily such videos on YouTube.

Reaching out like thousands and thousands of views around Mexico and Latinoamerica, this guys were making crazy to girls and boys.

Ian Garcia only for you

We couldn’t believe that we finally got some authorized pics from Ian and even snapped by Afif Kattan––a well known photographer in Mexico City and Guadalajare, where he resides.


But obviously is not gonna be better pictures than this, Afif knows how to do his job very very well.

Ian and Afif met at Zapopan Jalisco to do this session only for you guys, to entertain you.

So please keep around a big applause and enjoy it.

You wanna enjoy more pics of Afif Kattan, see this:


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Descubre el poder de creer en ti mismo!

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Tienes algo que decirme ?😏

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Photography Afif Kattan @afifkattan
Model Ian Garcia @iangarcial Twitter: @soyiangarcia

  1. Well, well, lookie here, Hmm, he has all the Bulges in all the right places. And as they say in español, Muy Simpatico.

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