Calling out Physique Athlete from Spain Albert Lopez Catalán shot by Mladen

Calling out Physique Athlete from Spain Albert Lopez Catalán shot by Mladen for Fashionably Male webzine

If you’ve ever asked yourself or someone else, “Why do we need exercise?” it’s time to make sure you really understand the importance. 

Every week Fashionably Male tries to post a motivational/inspirational human being that can help to all our viewers and readers that we need ‘good’ role models to follow.

Our friend Mladen Blagojevic globetrotter and seek for inspirational guys that can provide that. When he flew to Spain a few months ago, he did a session with several models, one we presented last week, you will see it here, and we present a new ‘role model’.

Exercise can improve your health, fight disease and help you hone life skills like persistence, confidence and motivation.

Your body was built to move. It was designed to walk, run, skip, dance, push and pull. Until the last century, people had to engage in moderate to vigorous physical activity simply to perform daily tasks, but as technology has increased, the need for everyday movement has decreased significantly. People now drive cars, work while sitting at a desk and recreate while sitting still watching movies and playing video games. Exercise functions to fill the gap between our decreased daily physical activity and our body’s natural need to move in order to remain fit and healthy.

Albert Lopez Catalán #1 Category Men’s Physique WABBA

This category is aimed at all the athletic guys or models that show beauty and elegance in their physique.

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The fundamental factors for judging athletes in this category are beauty, structural elegance and physical style.

Besides Albert won in 2009 Mister Barcelona, he also won first category on men’s short WABBA.

A new discipline in male bodybuilding; Men’s Shorts. Only applicable to summer tests together with the male Physique and the Biniki Fitness. Muscles and physical attractiveness for the competition.

Muscle mass is more metabolically active than fat mass, meaning that it burns more calories throughout the day, even as you sleep.

Pictures were taken in Barcelona

Albert being a discipline athlete in Barcelona where he lives with his family––he has a wife and son–– he quoted “Enjoy life whenever you can because no one knows what life brings to you tomorrow.”

So I always enjoy it, at the same time that I work and I create my little great project.

Albert Lopez Catalán

The photographer and model meeting in the streets in Barcelona to do this quick test to prove you that fitness/wellness is hand by hand in the modeling scene.

Now that you understand the importance of exercise, pass your knowledge along. The next time you hear someone as, “Why do we need exercise?” you’ll know exactly what to tell them.

More work of Mladen go to: @mladen.b.photography
Model Albert Lopez Catalán @albertlopezcatala

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