Mark Vanderloo & Xavier Serrano for The Rake Magazine July 2019

Here’s the repost of top models Mark Vanderloo & Xavier Serrano for The Rake Magazine July 2019

The Hollywood top trouser from Edward Sexton is perhaps one of the most instantly recognisable styles of trouser out there.

And for good reason, too. Aptly reflecting the styles worn in the U.S. in the 30s through to the 50s, it doesn’t feature a waistband, which adds a great degree of comfort, and is designed to sit high on the waist.

With its forward-facing pleats, dropped belt loops (which look fantastic with a woven leather belt), and gentle taper, it cuts a strong dash.

Here, Mark Vanderloo sports the Hollywood top in tobacco Irish linen, with a vintage Tommy Nutter sports jacket, and a pink cotton shirt and pink cashmere tie from Emma Willis.


Is the title given by The Rake, an international luxury men’s magazine and online store, photography by Diego Merino in London, working with stylist Grace Gilfeather.

The customary shedding of layers fro the summer months signals the opportunity to build a less inhibited, brightly colored wardrobe that combines elegance and practicality. A summer retreat with father and son demonstrates how it is done.

Spanish top model Xavier Serrano plays a young earthly rich guy styling in luxury brands such as this yellow cashmere twill peak lapel double-breasted jacket and yellow cashmere twill high waist wide pant from Dior Men.

The production for this fashion story is really exquisite

Father Figure

Top model Mark Vanderloo a 51 year old Dutch he began modeling after accompanying a model girlfriend to a photoshoot. Vanderloo has been the primary model for Hugo Boss black-and-white print ads and billboards since 2005.

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He represents perfect a father figure, Vanderloo is in a relationship with the Dutch actress (and former model) Robine van der Meer.

Together they have two children: Emma Paula and Mark, on 3 June 2011 Mark and Robine were married (on Ibiza).

As of 2012, Vanderloo holds the position of number 4 under Top Icons Men on models.com

Unquestionably elegant, Xavier poses along with a red velvet Maserati. He’s wearing a Devore linen jacket, white textured cotton t-shirt and grey cotton and viscose pleated trousers, all at Hermès.

See more at @therake

Styled by @gracegilfeather
Shot by @merinodiego72
Grooming by Marcia Lee
Model @xserrano9 & #markvanderloo at Sight Management

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