He Lives for Their Stares: Is Johnie Bravo Gjergjek by Joan Crisol

He Lives for Their Stares: Is Johnie Bravo Gjergjek by Joan Crisol for Fashionably Male webzine.

Stop and stare to see 18 images of the beautiful body that Johnie Bravo Gjergjek posses.

Shot at Madrid, Joan’s studio.

“I met this gorgeousness a few years ago, I’ve photographed him so many times, but this is the first time I’ve got Johnie for myself, is true” Joan comments to Fashionably Male.

The thing about Johnie, he is the brand ambassador (along with other models) of swimwear JJ Malibu. But you can see him on Insta very active, he loves to share his best assets on frames.

You wanna see how Johnie ripped his American flag tights?

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Johnie comes from that gogo dancers/muscle models/instagram models that everybody knows around the world. Because most of them, starring the most famous underwear/swimwear brands.

“When I met Johnie I snapped him along with his boyfriend Davide Zongoli for JJ Malibu.”

Joan Crisol

The photographer Joan Crisol also snapped Johnie for flyers in Madrid big gay parties and gay pride.

“I never did a photoshoot with Johnie for myself” and he’s Devine, he has a beautiful manly body, he has great looks, and he’s super hot!

Johnie and David are not longer together

But they’re good friends, Johnie is back in Madrid, and they did this beautiful session for Fashionably Male.

We have spontaneity, Johnie plays with his body, Joan snaps the best angles of Johnie’s body.

If you want to enjoy Johnie’s body, you can do it. He has onlyfans.com profile. Check over on Instagram.

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The next projects for Joan has been working so much, he has a very active year, but he said “I’ve been working so much, I am working with Joan Hortoneda first naked pics, I have pics from Agatha Ruiz de la Prada and I have two new sessions with Modus Vivendi and Jack Adams.”

Check it out this exclusive material from Johnie Bravo and Joan Crisol, you will love it.

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Back in June, celebration Pride month, we have this stunning exclusive material from Crisol, check it out.

Photography Joan Crisol @joan_crisol
Talent Johnie Bravo Gjergjek @johnie_bravo87 Twitter @bravo87_johnie

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