Improving Your Street Style: How to Choose the Right Men’s Tennis Shoes

You’re going on your morning jog when all of a sudden you feel something come loose. It’s the sole coming off of your shoe. Guess you’ll be making a trip to the store soon.

You go to the store later on that day and there are a lot more different brands and choices than you remember. You start trying on pairs but none of them are that comfortable. Still, you chose one that seems okay and make your purchase. 

While we know you don’t want to spend all day in the store, you’re probably going to go through the ones you bought faster than the last ones if they don’t actually fit you. To help you pick out a pair of men’s tennis shoes that will last, here is a quick guide—it’s also best to check out shoeadviser.com on their guides and reviews on different shoe categories. They aim to provide you everything that you need to know to help you find the right shoes.

1. Make Your Choice Based on Your Activity 

Believe it or not, all shoes are not built the same. Running shoes are actually for running and tennis shoes are for playing tennis. Manufactures make them with this in mind. It’s not a marketing ploy to get you to fill your closet with men’s sneakers

How to Choose the Right Men's Tennis Shoes

That’s why you need to buy shoes depending on what activities you engage in. In this case, it’s tennis. However, the most important and complex thing is to decide which brand to choose as there are lots of them available in the market which offers 100% satisfaction. I would recommend Loom’s Waterproof Tennis Shoes. Specifically designed for the tennis players, these shoes include features like flexibility, midfoot support, durability, waterproofness and most importantly, comfort, which is essential for tennis enthusiasts. You definitely want to check out to these! They are built to help you move better on the court and prevent injuries. You won’t get the same performance from a basic pair of shoes. 

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2. Set a Budget Before You Go 

So you head to the store and you fall in love with a pair of shoes. You go to buy them until you notice the price tag. You don’t have $200 to spend at the moment. 

How to Choose the Right Men's Tennis Shoes

The best way to stop yourself from getting your heart broken like this is to set a budget before you go and don’t touch anything that happens to go too far outside it. Pay attention to prices. 

3. Get Yourself Fitted 

The size of your feet is constantly changing. If the last time you bought shoes was in high school and you’re a college sophomore now, you may want to have the store clerk do a fitting. It’s best to do this even if you think you know your shoe size. 

How to Choose the Right Men's Tennis Shoes

On top of helping you figure out what size shoe to get, the store clerk can also do a quick analysis of the arch of your foot. They can then give you recommendations based on the natural way that your foot moves. You’re much more likely to get the perfect pair of shoes this way. 

4. Don’t Shop Based by Brands

Just because a pair of shoes comes from a brand that you love and trust doesn’t mean that it’s the right one for your foot. They may not even carry a shoe that’s your size, archetype, or for the sport you partake in. 

How to Choose the Right Men's Tennis Shoes

Don’t limit yourself to trying out shoes from one brand alone. You may be surprised that the perfect shoe comes from a brand that you’ve never even heard of. 

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5. Go Late in the Day 

As the day goes on your foot swells a little. It’s important that you go shoe shopping during this time of day when your feet are at their largest because your feet also swell when you exercise. 

How to Choose the Right Men's Tennis Shoes

It’s best to have a shoe that’s slightly too large during the day then have it squeezing your foot in a vice grip when you exercise.  

6. Bring Your Own Socks

When you go shoe shopping you need to bring the same kind of socks that you wear when you exercise. You never know what kind of sample socks will be available in the store. They could be the thick wool ones or the thin disposable booties.

How to Choose the Right Men's Tennis Shoes

Either way, they probably can’t mimic yours so if you use them they will skew your shoe size a bit. On top of that, it will stop you from noticing possible problems.

For example, if you always use ankle socks but try on the shoes with high ones, you may not notice that your shoe is going to rub against your heel until it’s too late. 

7. Leave a Little Wiggle Room 

If you try and exercise or play sports in shoes that are more than a size too small for you, it’s going to be painful. You’ve got to give yourself a little wiggle room when you’re trying on shoes. 

You should have a thumb width of the distance between the tip of the shoe and your longest toe. If you don’t then they are going to be too small. 

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8. Be Aware of the Return Policy 

So what if you fail to bring your own socks or check and see if you have wiggle room and the shoes end up being too small? Many stores have a lenient 30-day return policy but you can’t expect all of them to have that.

How to Choose the Right Men's Tennis Shoes

Always check with the store to see what the policy is or you may end up dumping $100 on shoes that you can’t even wear.  

How to Choose the Best Men’s Tennis Shoes 

Your shoes see a lot of wear and tear. When you have to replace your old ones it’s important that you find a pair that is going to fit you comfortably while providing arch support. Use this guide to find the best men’s tennis shoes to help you tackle any workout. 

You’re going to need workout clothes to go with those shoes. Check out the rest of this blog for more men’s fashion information. 

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