Best Beard Trimmers for Designer Stubble Look

The dynamic beard trend continues to grow, but not all men suit – or want – a fully grown bushy beard.

The alternative is well-groomed designer stubble.

The masculine middle ground between clean shaven and short beard. It’s a facial hair style beautifully worn by the likes of Brand Pitt, Chris Hemsworth, and George Clooney. 

Brad Pitt

These male sex symbols are well known for flaunting designer stubble, and there’s no denying the masculine Alpha status oozing from their facial hair.

Take inspiration from these beards, but simply letting your stubble grow in won’t cut it. That’s going to look kind of scruffy, like you’ve had a hard week.

Only grooming that growth properly will yield the desired designer stubble look. And to help, we round up the best stubble and beard trimmers to craft the perfect 5 o’clock shadow.  

Why You Need a Beard Trimmer?

If the manly designer stubble of George Clooney has encouraged your chances of a similar style, without proper trimming tools, you’ve little chance of pulling it off.

Some of the best beard and stubble trimmers out there can be used to adjust the length of your facial stubble, so you can easily match that pictured by Alpha Male celebs.

With a beard trimmer, you can shave and shape your designer stubble look any-time, just the way you want. They’re super easy to operate and can help bring out a chiselled jawline and even-stubble across your face. 

What You Should Be Looking For? 

Beard trimmers are available with several characteristics, but the best beard trimmers should have the following: 

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1. Ample Cutting Power

If you’ve ever used a low powered electric shaver, beard trimmer, or hair clipper, you’ll know that feeling when the hairs snag.

The last thing you want is a struggling motor when your trimming dense stubble – it hurts!

It’s tricky to know if a trimmer has a weak or strong motor without testing. Therefore, invest in a reputable high-end trimmer from reputable brands in men’s grooming – like Braun, Philips, or Babyliss, and double check user feedback reviews.

2. Adjustable Cutting Length

Adjustable trimmers are those which have the feature to adjust the length settings manually, according to the required shaving depth. 

To achieve the perfect stubble length, you need a trimmer that will accurately to a length of 1 to 3mm, as this is the “sweet spot” for designer stubble.

The best beard trimmers offer adjustable blades (or taper levers) and length settings for stubbles that are up to 5mm long, and as short as 0.5mm. 

With this, you can trim stubble over the cheeks, chin, and jawline to around 3mm, and shave neck hair down to a close 0.5mm. This will accentuate the jawline and make your designer beard pop.

3. Reliable Cordless Battery Power

Having a powerful motor and quality build is all well and good, but if the internal battery drains too quickly your trimmer is going to be useless.

If your beard trimmer, clipper, or stubble trimmer has a quality built-in battery, they’ll shout about it.

Check the manufacturers website for specification and look out for Lithium-ion batteries, as they hold an impressive charge.

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I’ve seen beard trimmers that take up to 10 hours to fully charge. Any half decent trimmer will take just 1 hour to charge and won’t need a recharge for around 2 weeks or more.

Top 3 Best Stubble Trimmers of 2019

1. Philips Multigroom Series 7000

Philips Multigroom Series 7000
Philips Multigroom Series 7000

The Philips Series 7000 Multi-Grooming Kit is an ultimate 12-in-1 premium trimming tool, for beard, stubble, head, body, and nose hair trimming.

This versatile machine is a skin-friendly and self-sharpening tool which allows you to rock your designer stubble look with maximum precision. 

It’s 100% waterproof and has a multitude of attachments, including x2 stubble length combs for accurate designer stubble trimming.

With powerful “Duel Cut” technology, long lasting battery, and exceptional Philips build quality, this tool will comfortably blitz through dense stubble without tugging.

This tool allows you to groom hair from head-to-toe, and is listed best beard trimmer by GQ Magazine and Electric Shavers UK.

2. Philips Stubble Trimmer Series 5000

Philips Series 5000 with a series 3000 nose, ear and eyebrow trimmer is an innovative lift-and-trim system for the best designer stubble looks. 

The efficient tool gives your beard an effortless trim in fewer strokes. With its adjustable zoom wheel, it is most suitable to experiment with different shapes as its self-sharpening system allows you to be able to shave in difficult areas. 

Philips Series 5000 is also 100% waterproof and can run cordless for up to 60 minutes along with a 1 hour charging time when plugged in. The product also comes with a beard comb and washable blades.    

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3. BaByliss for Men i-Stubble 3 Beard Trimmer

The BaByliss for Men i-Stubble is a loved for its ultra-precise shave for short stubbles. It will give you an accurate and comfortable shave without causing skin discomfort. 

The running time is 60 minutes of cordless use after a charging supply of 90 minutes when plugged in. With its advanced blade technology, you can go for precise shaping and edging. 

BaByliss for Men i-Stubble 3 Beard Trimmer

Its special feature is its LCD screen that displays the cutting length and charging time remaining which makes it easier to keep a track of time. 

The blades of BaByliss i-Stubble are removable and can be washed separately. 

Wrapping Up…

A lot of people believe that your beard defines your personality. But what if you don’t like having a beard? Because it’s difficult to manage, it may not look good on you, or perhaps you itching and uncomfortable with that much hair on your face. 

Actor Chris Hemsworth for GQ US September 2018

If this is the case, then the 5 o’clock designer stubble look is your way between a long beard and a clean-shaved face. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on any of the recommended best beard trimmers of 2019, to craft and flaunt your designer stubble look, just like the sexiest male celebs.

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