NEW Stranger Things Converse – Not for Demogorgons

Millie Bobby Brown x Converse

The Netflix phenomenon Stranger Things has enjoyed an explosion of global success. Along with success has come a wide array of popular collaborations with industry giants like Coca-Cola and Burger King. Now find a new Stranger Things Chuck Taylor’s Converse in Australia, Europe, and other hot global sneaker markets.

Millie Bobby Brown x Converse
Millie Bobby Brown x Converse “Millie By You”

 Stranger Things superstar Millie Brown, who plays the telepath “Eleven” on the series, is the mastermind behind these customizable sneakers. While her role on the show borders more on creepy than cute, Brown’s unisex collection features a beautiful palette of light pastels, ocean sunsets, and fun orca prints that evoke nostalgia and childhood more than evil Demogorgons. 

Millie Bobby Brown x Converse

The inspiration comes from the young actress’s personal love of all things ocean. The official sneaker collaboration website features Brown dressed in a retro white jumpsuit and her custom designed kid sneakers . The photos have her in a number of fun poses, including one with her chomping down on pair of sneakers with blue waves and another with her blowing bubbles, her nails painted a rainbow of retro colors. 

Millie Bobby Brown x Converse

“One of the most exciting parts of designing this is that I get to do it with my fans,” says Millie. She enjoyed choosing the fun array of light pinks, yellows, and blues for her unique designs. Sharing her love of ocean animals was a fun adventure for the teen.

The Stranger Things collaboration has a fun and innocent vibe to it, not unlike the show, which features a gang of friends going through Goonies style adventures in a dark 1980s setting. The show has received critical acclaim and serves as an homage to American pop culture of the time. References to Stephen King, retro video games, and classical horror films pepper the TV show deliciously. 

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Millie Bobby Brown x Converse

Throughout the show the children’s innocence and simple struggles, like managing a first kiss or working at a mall ice cream shop, balance out the battle with bizarre monsters from the mysterious “Upside Down”. The new show collection emphasizes simple childhood with its handmade designs and innocent sweet imagery. The alternate dimension serves as a foil to deal with much deeper matters of friendship and family. 

Millie Bobby Brown x Converse

At the center of the entire series is the mysterious girl Eleven, who has world changing telekinetic powers capable of destroying an entire dimension of “Mind Flayers”. 

The teen English actress has taken her instant rise to worldwide fame in stride. Fun and quirky herself, the new Converse sneaker line showcases a few of her favorite things: “Whales for me are the most majestic animals, and on the logo there’s just a beautiful, like, swimming whale. That is like a dream come true in a little circle.”

Millie Bobby Brown x Converse

Fans are clamoring for the new sneakers, which have rapidly flown off of virtual shelves. Let’s just hope that the new sneakers don’t disappear into the “Upside Down”. If so, we may need to ask Eleven to bring them back. 


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