Gender-fluid fashion is in for men in 2020

In today’s modern world, the industry of fashion has experienced a significant revolution which completely redefined menswear. At the 2019 Golden Globes, gender fluidity was the major theme on the red carpet.  And, this seems that this is just the beginning for changing traditional fashion norms for genders. 

We are at the beginning of a new era in men’s fashion where there are no more gender fashion barriers to dictate their styles. If you were watching the Golden Globes this Sunday, you certainly have noticed Billy Porter, a star of the FX show Pose, wearing a floral embroidered beige suit and a pink cape designed by the famous Randi Rahm. That’s truly a huge movement that challenges the traditional gender fashion norms. 

So, what is this gender-fluid movement? And how it will impact men’s fashion?

Billy Porter at MET Gala 2019

What is gender-fluid fashion?

You may have noticed how fashion norms have started to change in the last decade as more and more men no longer fear to show their feminine side through their styles. From wearing pink shirts, which years ago was considered to be a “girl color”, to wearing diverse prints which used to be worn only by women years ago, the menswear is changing rapidly. 

You may have realized that all these revolutionary fashion trends from the fashion industry are part of a more important movement, but they truly represent more than just a few men reinventing their clothing style. All those changes are strongly connected with the gender-fluid fashion movement that aims to break all gender barriers in the fashion industry which are exclusively created for either male or female. 

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Gucci SS20

Nowadays, the fashion industry has aligned with our modern world and how people perceive gender equality these days. Who said that man can’t wear skirts and who said that women can’t wear suits? Maybe more than a decade ago these were the norms, but the fashion industry is breaking down all of them and it is reinventing the freedom of adopting whatever style makes you proud of your appearance. 

Jeremy Scott Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2020 New York
Jeremy Scott SS20

The gender-bending fashion movement is the result of a growing awareness of the experiences of trans and gender non-conforming individuals. And, since fashion has always been one of the most powerful tools for us to express and experiment with our identity, it comes as no surprise that the fashion industry is one of the first to embrace this movement. 

Leopard print is part of the gender-fluid fashion movement  

Leopard print is a fashion trend that keeps on coming back as the fashion industry can’t have enough of it. it is such a spectacular print that can make a major statement in one’s outfit. It matches perfectly with many colors and gives certain confidence that no other print can give. 

Versace SS20

Yet, what used to be a largely feminine print years ago is now ready to be rocked by men too. It all started in 2009 when Kanye West embraced the animalia trend when he wore a leopard print jacket. 

Versace SS20

The leopard print has a very interesting and long history in the fashion industry. But you guessed it right, it was always a very popular motif on the clothing of women evoking empowerment and sexuality. From a female perspective, the leopard print may not work too well for men which is why many men used to shy away from embracing this animalia trend. But, that’s no longer the case, gentlemen. The fashion industry has changed the parameters that used to limit your style and you can now incorporate leopard print in your wardrobe

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What else is in for men’s fashion in 2020?

So, the gender-bending movement has completely redefined what men can wear to express their own style.  There are no more norms or boundaries that can stop you from embracing your feminine style when expressing your own identity through the way you dress.  

Palomo Spain SS20

Yet, fashion trends are something you should never neglect even if the fashion industry decided to loosen up the barriers. It is still essential that you follow the latest trends dictated by the most famous fashion designers to make sure you dress with style. Here are a few fashion trends that aim to help men dress better in 2020: 

Pastel colors 

Men should never again shy away from wearing soft pastel colors such as rose or mint tones. Not as long as the fashion trends tell you they are in style. Get rid of your bright neon-colored clothes because they are no longer here to stay for the coming season. 

Louis Vuitton SS20

Watch the trends from Louis Vuitton and Thom Browne to learn how to skillfully combine soft pastel colors and match them with other accessories. 

Transparent shirts 

One of the most representative trends influenced by the gender-fluid fashion movement, besides the leopard print trend, is the transparent shirts who are now allowed for men to wear too. Fashion designers who are the promoters of the gender-fluid movement consider that transparent shirts are a great way for men to express their soft side in their styles. 


Comfortable suits 

Wide-cut and loose suits are already a popular fashion trend and it seems that they are here to stay for the coming season in 2020 too. They work great in combinations with sneakers or sandals and allow men to feel comfortable while looking stylish. Since the soft pastel colors will be in style, don’t be shy to get a pastel-colored comfortable suit. To enhance your look and make it more spectacular, you can even purchase a discount ribbon and wear it with your stylish pastel-colored suit. 

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Ezra Miller Covers Holiday Issue of GQ Style Winter 2018
Coat, $4,720, by Neil Barrett / Shirt, $408, pants, $728, by Bode / Boots, $1,095, by Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello / Necklace, $10,000, by Tiffany & Co.

One of the biggest activists of the gender-neutral fashion, who is also a famous actor, Ezra Miller, describes this movement the best, saying that one’s gender should not be seen as an enemy in one’s way to express themselves. Instead, our world should be liberated from norms that are currently discouraging the freedom of expressing yourself through your style. And, the fashion industry didn’t fail to become part of this huge movement. The fashion industry embraced gender-bending fashion and completely revolutionized the way today’s modern men dress. 

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