18K Gold Ring cover

18K Gold Ring Advantages

Gold is one of the rare and precious metals. Its soft texture is difficult to use directly as a jewelry material. The industry usually adds a small amount of copper, silver, nickel and other metals to the gold to increase its strength and toughness. Gold is “K gold”, which is divided into 22K gold, 18K gold, 14K gold, etc. according to the amount of gold. Among them, 18K gold cute necklace is the most widely used, including 75% gold. There are 25% of other precious metals, 18K white gold, which is silver-white 18K gold, which is often used as a diamond ring set.

Advantage 1: rich color change, highlighting personality

18K gold color is rich, common 18K white K gold, 18K yellow K gold, 18K red K gold engraved necklace, the common K gold color in the market is “rose gold”, it is made of 75% gold, 21% copper and 4% silver are composed, and the color is tender and charming. Can meet the customer’s needs for different colors according to different formulas, fashion and highlight personality.

18K Silver Ring for men

Advantage 2: high ductility and hardness

18K gold has high ductility and hardness. It is used in the diamond ring design to flexibly display the ring’s styling creativity. It can do relatively complicated diamond ring styles than platinum, especially the large carat diamond initial ring. Its support force Stronger than platinum, it can provide a strong protection for precious diamonds, so as to prevent diamonds from falling off and causing losses.

18K Gold Ring Advantages

Advantage 3: diverse styles, trendy fashion

Compared with platinum, 18K gold has more styles and is more adaptable to the process. Some styles of platinum can be made in k gold, but some gold can be done in platinum. Because K gold has good strength and flexibility, and its melting point is low, it is easy to shape, shape and expressively. Therefore, it can produce different styles and convey more fashionable and richer information.

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18K Gold Ring Advantages

Advantage 4: easy to recycle

There are many jewellery stores on the market that recycle old gold and 18K gold jewellery. Therefore, you can send K-gold necklace with picture that has been outdated or worn for a long time to the gold store to trade-in and re-select the style you like.

18K silver ring for men

18K white gold has a layer of plating on the surface. Therefore, after wearing it for a long time, you will find that your 18K gold pictures of mothers rings is slightly yellowish. That is because after wearing for a long time, the plating that is often rubbed will be worn away, and the color is exposed. The best way to deal with it is to get the plating in the jewelry store to restore the light. www.getnamenecklace.com

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