How To Pair Shoes With Every Look

Guys who are getting dressed for the day might have a hard time pairing shoes with their clothing. You have selected the best suits, sweaters, shirts, and shorts. However, you may have some bland shoes that you always wear with your sharpest clothing. There are a few tips below that will help you choose the perfect shoes when you get dressed every day.

Black Shoes Are Formal

Black shoes will feel formal even if you are trying to dress in a casual style. People who see black shoes will automatically assume that you are dressed up even if you are wearing a casual outfit. Therefore, you should use black shoes with your formal Calvin Klein suits, with Ferragamo jeans when you want to impress your date, and with Tommy Bahama resort clothing when you want to make a good impression.

Brown Shoes Match Everything You Own

You can wear brown shoes with every outfit that you own. If you are wearing blue, brown shoes will be the perfect foil for navy blue sport coats or jeans. Plus, you can wear any shade of brown. Dark brown shoes are not necessarily formal. You can wear a dark brown shoe when it is cold outside, and you can switch to much lighter browns or tans when it is warm out.

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Brown shoes also look great with grey styles from Prada to Gucci. You may have chosen grey suits for the office, and you can wear brown with light grey fall sweaters. Stop wearing black shoes with all your gray outfits.


Cordovan Is The Ultimate Shoe For Compliments

Cordovan or burgundy is a good color to wear with blue and grey. Plus, you can draw attention to your burgundy shoes when wearing a black suit. Dark cordovan will appear to be purple if you are wearing purple clothing. Plus, burgundy will seem a bit redder when you are wearing red clothing. Cordovan allows you to be daring while matching all the clothes you find at the Valentino Garavani outlet.

A Half Boot Is All You Need For The Winter

Half boots are a wonderful style option when it gets cold outside. You can wear thick socks with these boots, and the boots have the formal upper that you expect in a dress shoe. Plus, half-boots will go on the town if you need to get ready for a date.

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You can use half-boots when you are wearing casual clothes, and you might find a tanned leather boot that does not get too hot when you are running errands during the day. Again, you can wear thick socks with these boots, and the boots will help you walk through snow and rain with ease.

Sandals Are Fun

You should buy several pairs of simple sandals in every color you can find. These colors allow you to look and feel fun during the summer. Match the sandals to your shirt or shorts instead of the belt you found at the Valentino Garavani outlet.


When you visit the Valentino Garavani outlet, you need the freedom to buy anything you want. The shoes listed above will make you look stylish, give you several options, and help you accentuate the colors you love most. If you have a complete shoe wardrobe, you can look perfect every day, the transition for dinner and drinks at night, and even find something comfortable to wear during your summer vacation.

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